Wild Arms / Shadow Hearts Revival Project Launches Kickstarter

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Peter Paltridge

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Matsuzo Machida and Akifumi Kaneko, the men behind the classic JRPS series Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts, have teamed up for a joint project that will revive both games at the same time — spiritually, at least. Like Iga did with Bloodstained and Playtonic did with Yooka-Laylee, Machide and Kaneko are creating a pair of copyright safe lookalikes that allow them to do what they loved again. This interview with Gematsu tells more.
The games — Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness and Penny Blood — will play like Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts respectively. A Kickstarter campaign to partially fund both titles launched just this morning, with a modest (for game development) goal of $750,000. The end goal is to demonstrate interest in...

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It is still far from reaching its goal but it has a whole month to reach it which is attainable. They better campaign hard if they want this to succeed.

Green Mario

One of my all-time favorite video games is Shadow Hearts: Covenant. I'd really enjoy a remaster, but Penny Blood sounds like it's basically repeating itself, and that's good enough for me. Hopefully it will meet the required funding targets.

Whale Mutant Kun

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In a normal situation, I would be opposed to some kind of combination Kickstarter campaign because it's likely that I'd only be interested in one of the two projects. But this is a really unusual circumstance in which both projects tremendously pique my interest; I will most certainly be rooting for success with this endeavor.


Worthy of Trust
The news just keeps getting better and better! My friends are going to freak out as well because the theme tune from Wild Arms 1 was literally playing in the background as they walked down the aisle during their wedding. Many thanks for letting us know the fantastic news! The Shadow Hearts games are some of my favorites because they have such a distinctive aesthetic, and as a result, I am excited for any game that maintains that aesthetic.


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I will back the project on Kickstarter in the hopes that it is as enjoyable to play as it promises to be, and I will also contribute some money to the development of the game. Because it appears to have such potential, I have high hopes that it will be successful.


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What a pleasant and welcome shock this was! Many thanks for letting us know the wonderful news, Peter. I gave Wild Arms a shot, but I just couldn't get into the game's style. On the other hand, Shadow Hearts Covenant is one of my top picks for video games of all time. It sounds like Pennyblood will be an investigation-based story, which is something I really enjoy reading about.

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