Screen Actors Guild Award nominated Squid Game for 4 categories

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Screen Actors Guild Award broke the bamboo ceiling for Squid Game. It is the first time a Korean Television drama got nominated for a SAG. Squid Game became the most-watched show on Netflix last year. It is an unexpected success that got viral through the power of word of mouth.
Hwang Dong-hyuk, The writer and director of this hit show just confirmed that the show is under negotiations for a 3rd season already. It is originally going to be a mini-series but its success is undeniable.
Screen Actors Guild nominated Squid Game for the following categories

— SAG Awards® (@SAGawards) January 12, 2022

Outstanding Performance  by a Stunt Ensemble:
Squid Game doesn’t have the stunts of Cobra Kai and the Budget of the MCU nominees...

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