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From Screen to Page
A wealth of incredible cartoons have brought the characters at DC Comics to life over the years. And while these cartoon tales adapted many elements from the four-color source material, the same animated adventures also added new elements and names to the DC Comics lexicon (and to DC Comics continuity itself!). Personalities, designs, origins, etc., have been born from the assorted animated adaptations featuring DC Comics’ finest, some of which have had major impacts on pop culture (does the name “Harley Quinn” ring a bell?). Unfortunately, there’s also plenty of jumps that flew well under the radar. Continue below for a near-complete list below of some of the most notable characters to jump off of the animated screen and into the four-color page!
Please note this list is for “in-continuity/” “in-canon” appearances in DC Comics, with exception, and does not count appearances in the animated tie-in titles (ie: The Batman Adventures, and so on, etc.)...

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