In an alternate version of our Earth, creatures called Devils are born from the fears of human beings. Dangerous beings that come from Hell, their powers grow based on the strength of the fear, and 13 years ago, the Gun Devil caused the biggest massacre in human history. Now, in 1997, a young man named Denji works as a Devil Hunter for the yakuza, aided by his dog-like Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, to attempt to pay off his father’s debt to them. When they betray and kill him, Pochita offers to make a contract with him and revive him, under the pretense that he shows Pochita his dreams. When he agrees, they merge into a Human-Devil hybrid, and become Chainsaw Man! The award winning, ultra-violent manga Chainsaw Man is now an exciting new anime by MAPPA, and it’s coming to your screen soon!
Chainsaw Man is written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, who was a previous nominee for the prestigious Manga Taisho, an award for manga less than eight volumes in length, for his work Fire...

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Hibiki JR

One of the few trailers I've ever gone back to and watched over and over again. Something about this is so darn fun to see and hear. I really hope it comes out soon. Manga readers are the only ones who will understand how great this will be. Even though we're sure Mappa will do the story as well as they can, let's still hope they do it as well as Manga.


Let's give the person who handled the sound design a round of applause. My God, the fierce and flawless drilling sound that starts as soon as the chainsaw man appears.
The popularity of Chainsaw Man even before the anime's release is astounding. Imagine how well-known it will be once the anime is released. We are receiving bangers from Mappa one after another. The animation is stunning. Additionally, the voice performers seem to be an excellent match for the roles. This could be the year's best anime, in my opinion. Amazing anime has been available nonstop this year. The opening and closing animations have me so excited. It will be an exciting ride.


I eventually gave in and read the entire Chainsaw Man manga in two days after hearing how fantastic and well-known it is. It's completely absurd. The best/worst thing about it is that there is practically NO PLOT ARMORED, despite the fact that the plot is great and the characters are incredibly likeable. Seriously, I had to put it down for a long because it shocked me so much. Its a cliche breaking story so this will be great.


My gosh. Despite the fact that it looks kind of janky, I do appreciate the animation, but for the love of God, stop making Makima, the most powerful and dominating lady in the world, with the worst voice acting. She truly sounds to me like any other anime girl, which was something I was hoping against. That is not what Makima deserves; she does not deserve to sound like a toddler. Just hearing her made me feel so let down.