Screen Actors Guild Award nominated Squid Game for 4 categories


Screen Actors Guild Award broke the bamboo ceiling for Squid Game. It is the first time a Korean Television drama got nominated for a SAG. Squid Game became the most-watched show on Netflix last year. It is an unexpected success that got viral through the power of word of mouth.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, The writer and director of this hit show just confirmed that the show is under negotiations for a 3rd season already. It is originally going to be a mini-series but its success is undeniable.

Screen Actors Guild nominated Squid Game for the following categories

Outstanding Performance  by a Stunt Ensemble:

Squid Game doesn’t have the stunts of Cobra Kai and the Budget of the MCU nominees but the Tug O’War and the glass stone steps have intense stunts that left an impression.

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble

This situation reminds me of the Victory of Slumdog Millionaire for a similar award. The Squid Game cast has chemistry as an ensemble that even characters with short-lived roles left an impact on the fans.

Outstanding performance by an actress

This is Jung Hoyeon’s first acting gig as she is more of a Model and a Reality TV personality. She was a complete unknown to the world before she booked this role. Now she have 23.7m followers on Social media.

Her portrayal of Kang Sae-byeok made her a fan favorite around the world.  She made a heartfelt statement about her nomination at her instagram account.

I was truly taken by surprise that I was nominated. I’m just happy knowing that my photo is going to appear alongside that of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Elisabeth Moss, and Sarah Snook. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Lee Jung-jae also reacted about his nomination from his Instagram account.

I’m speechless and beyond excited to be nominated. Not just individually but for our entire Squid Game team! I vividly remember the precious moments we shared. Putting in all the hard work to film the intense six rounds of games. On top of the unforgettable memories we share, today’s SAG Awards nominations will be remembered as a precious and touching moment. Thank you so much to the members of SAG-AFTRA. I am so humbled and want to share this moment with all the fans of Squid Game who have faith in justice and love, we as people cherish. 

His character Seong Gi-hun is going to return for the second season of the show so more nominations or even victories may come.