Scream 6 Ghostface is such a Wednesday Fan he decided to target Jenna Ortega instead of Neve Campbelle

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<p>Scream (2022) also known as Scream 6 is the 6th film of the Scream Franchise. Who would have thought a movie franchise with 6 movies will happen because of Easter Unlimited, Inc’s Halloween costume. A variation of the costume also got used for the Scary movie franchise. Before the hit 90s Horror movie franchise, Ghost face is just a Halloween costume sold at stores. It became an iconic costume the moment it got used for the First Scream movie. The Original Survivors of the movie franchise, Courteney Cox will reprise her roles as Gale Weathers but they are not the central character anymore. This will be the first Scream Movie to not feature the iconic Final Girl Sidney Prescott(Neve Campbell) as her character got her closure in Scream (2022)</p>


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It is hard for me to support a Scream movie without Neve Campbell. A Scream movie without Sidney Prescott doesn't feel right for me. The movie had been around her for decades and suddenly a new character will takeover.


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In addition to being set in New York, Scream 6 will also feature the reunion of Jenna Ortega and the Samara Weaving to the cast, so I can't wait for it to hit theaters. As a result, I have begun counting down the days until the movie's release. After several years have passed since the production of Baby Sitter 2: Killer Queen, it is perfectly natural to reunite Samara Weaving and Jenna Ortega. Due to her current notoriety, Jenna is more than capable of managing this iconic movie franchise.


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I'm excited about it because I'm interested in learning who committed these new killings and how the new characters fit into the narrative, but I know it'll be challenging without Sydney to offer support. In my theory the new murderer will target the survivors of earlier Ghostface killing spree victims. Whoever it is, they have unfinished business with the former Ghostfaces, and they are seeking retribution right away. I'm on the edge of my seat anticipating the movie's remaining scenes. There are still exciting times ahead. My excitement has reached a whole new level because this movie stars the incredible young actress Jenna Ortega.

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I never watched a single Scream movie but we are talking about Jenna Ortega and I watch everything that stars her. Jenna Ortega is life!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Because so many characters are dressed in costumes, the trailer gives the impression that the movie takes place around Halloween. Additionally, I think I saw two murderers working together, which makes me think that we have more than one Ghostface. This makes me think that the number of killings will be about the same as in Scream 3 and Scream 4, but it also makes me think that the identities of the two killers will be revealed separately rather than all at once, as in Scream, Scream 2, Scream 4, and Scream 5. Nevertheless, this will still happen in the movie's climactic scene.
Neve must return for Scream 7, but the franchise stands to gain significantly if the film is successful. Neve Campbell was like a missing component from the Scream series. This is the first time I will skip a Scream Movie.


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Because of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega gained a lot of fans, and many of them will watch this movie. She currently has more fans than the rest of the cast, including the group's seasoned actors. From a position of relative obscurity to fame, Jenna Ortega has advanced. Even though I've only seen her in a few different roles, I thought she was fantastic in them all. Is it accurate to say that Neve Campbell is irrelevant? It is crystal clear that the 1990s are long gone.


I find it absolutely hilarious that some people has never been a horror movie. They think she is a new cast member even though she appeared in the previous film. Ironically, she will be primarily responsible for the movie's box office success; the production company should be grateful that she became such a big star so soon after the movie's release.


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When I was younger, I couldn't stand the Scream movies, but as I've gotten older, I can't get enough of them. I'm disappointed to learn that Neve won't be in the upcoming chapter, to put it simply. A crowded train can be very intimidating due to its unpredictable nature and the large number of strangers it contains. Have you ever noticed that in none of the pictures with Sam, Tara, Chad, or Josh Segura, Mindy is ever present? She and Mindy might be traveling on separate trains, and it's also possible that they got separated in the subway, where she passed away. It's possible that she and Mindy are riding separate trains even though it looks like they are.


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It is theoretically feasible to create an infinite number of these movies because ghostface always takes on a different identity. Like you did with Freddie and Jason, you won't waste your time sitting around doing nothing. The Scream movies are renowned for their ongoing exploration of novel concepts.


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The Producer of this movie got lucky they cast Jenna Ortega in Scream 5 and 6 because she became a huge huge huge star after Wednesday


I never watched a single Scream movie but we are talking about Jenna Ortega and I watch everything that stars her. Jenna Ortega is life!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
I too like her a lot and love her playing different roles and lover her the most in Scream and The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

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Loving all the horror films coming this 2023. It could be a golden age for horror because so many great horror movies coming this year.

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I am simping to Jenna a lot, I am not a stalker or anything but I follow all of her socials. She is so pretty and I just can't stop starring at her face. Her personality is also addicting. I will watch everything that casts her.

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