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Time for the countdown.
Looks like Tamashii has just released new pictures of the new Godzilla line. and it seems that they will have their own line as expected.

The S.H. MonsterArts line has been going strong now and here is a comprised list of whats been released/ going to be released so far

S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla
Released: Nov 19, 2011
Price: 5,775 Yen



S.H.MonsterArts Mecha-Godzilla
Released: Dec 3, 2011
Price: 6,825 Yen



S.H.MonsterArts Garuda (Exclusive)
Released: Dec, 2011
Price: 2,500 Yen

S.H.MonsterArts Space Godzilla
Released: Mar 24, 2012
Price: 6,825 Yen



S.H.MonsterArts Armypack (Exclusive)
Released: Apr 6, 2012
Price: 2,600 Yen

S.H.MonsterArts M.O.G.U.E.R.A.
Released: May 11, 2012
Price: 6,825 Yen



S.H.MonsterArts Little Godzilla (Exclusive)
Price: 3,465 yen (Bluefin price $43)

S.H.MonsterArts Fire Rodan
Released: July 12, 2012
Price: 3,500 Yen



S.H.MonsterArts King Ghidorah
Released: Sept, 2012
Price: 9,800 Yen



S.H.MonsterArts SDCC Godzilla
Released: SDCC 2012
Price: $55

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Jedah Crow

Dull Brilliance
Excellent. I was looking forward to the official announcement of this line ever since it was first rumored at the start of the year.

155mm puts these in the same scale as Ultra-Act. I was hoping that would be the case. I've been wanting to display a rematch between Ultraman and Godzilla for ages.
Wait, how tall?
Just over 6 inches.

Damn, that's expensive. MechaGII is as much as a DX Rider Driver!

Mecha Godzilla is more expensive probably because it has die-cast on it :\
Both are 15.5 cm based on the site.
According to the site (If my spotty Japanese is anything to go by) his Shoulders, Elbows, Knees and lower Legs are Die-cast.

Also, Bandai, please put out a Zilla SHMonsterArt.
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Yo Soy Henshin!
I've been waiting for high quality Godzilla figures for years now. I don't care what the cost is, I will find a way to afford ever single MonsterArts figure.


Godzilla figures are something I've always wanted, seeing the American Sofubi equivalents have never done it for me.

Give me Godzilla, Gigan, Destroyah and Space Godzilla.


Automatic Win. I don't know how tall they'd be compared to the Revoltech Gamera.
I had the exact same thought! I was sooo hoping these guys would be in scale with each other. Unfortunately, according to itsalltrue.net, Revoltech Gamera is only about 3.5", making him smaller than both Revoltech Baragon and Gigan :( So much for have an articulated to-scale battle on my desk.

And ouch on that MechaGodzilla cost, I'd be much more willing to splurge if they had used the MechaGodzilla Kiryu design.

Still, I'm all over that Godzilla, he looks absolutely amazing.


闇 戦士
This is excellent news. But at the same time im kinda pissed cause Bandai is killing my wallet this year! I cant go without the G-man though. I cant wait till they do the 1970's versions of him.

Mr. Yellow

Twitter - @MisturYellow
I'm really on the fence about these. They look very nice, but on the other hand they're small for Godzilla figures and still pretty expensive.


...how tall was Gomora again?

Because...um...if these are in scale with the Ultra Act Monsters....



AKA XeroTheHero
I'm really on the fence about these. They look very nice, but on the other hand they're small for Godzilla figures and still pretty expensive.
I do see your point, however as a collector of the 6" or so variety (DCUC, SHF, Ultra-Act), I'm okay with the size just for the fact they'll fit in scale with every thing else.

Ultraman vs. Godzilla, hells yes.

Mr. Yellow

Twitter - @MisturYellow
When I had Godzilla toys they were always MASSIVE which made them feel like real monsters so they could crush the cities, they should be as big as the giant robots.