Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Jun 20, 2010
So, it was just on the news that someone started a petition to rename Columbus, OH to Flavortown in honor of Guy Fieri. I also saw somewhere else that the petition is fake, but the news is convinced that it is real. Personally, I think they should do something Native American that hasn't been over used yet.

--Mosopelea- the only historically recorded tribe of the Fort Ancient people. I don't know if their territory included Columbus, but it would honor their heritage & Fort Ancients we're descended from the even older Hopewell & Adena cultures.

--Mascoutenich- a tribe of people from southern Michigan & extreme NW Ohio, the Mascouten, called their Homeland Mascoutenich, or Treeless Land, referring to the Erie Plains region.

--Wahitanka- word the Eastern Siouan tribes gave for man, but may have originated as their word for the Creator deity in the Siouan religion.

--Tecumseh- a famous Shawnee Chief from Ohio.

--Michilikinikwa- a famous Ottawa Chief, aka Little Turtle, who fought for Native peoples' rights in the 10 year long Northwest Indian War in the late 1700s.

What do you guys like & do you have other suggestions?