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Like many of you, I was shocked to hear of the death of Robin Williams on August 11th, 2014. Williams’ work was an essential part of so many of our childhoods and continued to be so as we grew into adults. I would like to share some memories of my favorite work from this much talented comedian.
For example, I watched “Sesame Street” on television well into my 20s. This was a problem with several of my teachers, who felt that I was too old to be watching the show and didn’t want me to mention it in class. My reason for watching was because I loved seeing the celebrity appearances on there, and through YouTube, I once more came to see Robin Williams’ appearances on there. There were two appearances that I thought were very funny.
In the first, Elmo (Kevin Clash at the time) is sitting by himself when Williams walks by with a stick. Elmo asks Williams what he can do with the stick, and Williams goes into an improv session that would’ve made Jonathan Winters (his friend and mentor)...

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