Remembering Judy Tenuta

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Over the course of my time writing for Pop Geeks, I’ve interviewed many talents who have ended up becoming friends of mine. I’ve saved their numbers to my contacts, and I always reach out a few times a year to say hello to them. It always hurts to lose one of them and, sadly, I now bid farewell to one of those friends, the Love Goddess, better known to all of us pigs as Judy Tenuta.

It’s difficult to recount how I first heard of Ms. Tenuta, but if I had to hazard a guess, it would probably be through “Weird” Al Yankovic’s work as the two of them were regular collaborators. Before I even knew Judy’s name, I could recall seeing her playing Lorena Bobbitt in the video for Yankovic’s song Headline News. Al had some funny lines about that story, and Judy, though her appearance was brief, embodied the comedy perfectly.

Many years later, I would see Judy Tenuta’s performance on the 1987 HBO comedy special...

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Peter Paltridge

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A lovely tribute. The world has lost a one-of-a-kind specimen. Most comedians can be slotted into specific categories, but not Judy. There was only one of...whatever that was. She will never happen again.


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She had a career that she can be be proud of. Life is short and we must all live our life according to how we want to. May she rest in power.


I never met her but based from what I read, She seemed like a person who lived her life her way and she pursued her passion and talent until the end.

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I am not familiar with her work but she sounds like someone who never gave up on her craft. Women have a harder time to be a household name in comedy but she lasted this long in the circuit so I am sure she is very proud of what she had accomplished.


I believe she had a fulfilled life, I was also sad when I read about her demise. She will continue living in our memories.

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