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The death of Joan Rivers was both like and unlike Robin Williams’ death. Like Williams, she was a talent who was full of life and never seemed to stop working up until the end. Unlike Williams, who was also experiencing health issues, she didn’t die by her own hand. Despite that, though, the loss of Joan Rivers is also one that has had an impact on my pop cultural likes.
As with Robin Williams, my first exposure to Ms. Rivers came through a Muppet-related project…To be specific, “The Muppets Take Manhattan”. The last of the Muppet movies made while Jim Henson was alive, it was all about Kermit and the gang taking on New York City and other parts of the country trying to get their college musical on the Great White Way. Although most of the Muppets split for different parts of the country, Miss Piggy stays behind, and one of her jobs, while keeping her eyes on Kermit, is at a department store, where Joan Rivers plays her co-worker, Eileen.
I didn’t really know the cameos until I was...

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