If you missed the first part of this article, you can find it here. There you can read about the people who inspired the creation of Ryu,Ken,Sagat,Zangief and Crimson Viper.
Laura Matsuda
Sean Matsuda’s big sister just debuted in Street Fighter V but she is already popular to cosplayers.
Kyra Gracie is the inspiration for the creation of Laura Matsuda. Here is Laura’s early concept together with a picture of Gracie.


Kyra is the only female Martial artist from the Gracie clan. The last name Gracie is familiar, because they invented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her Street Fighter counterpart wanted to spar warriors around the world, so she can promote her family’s Martial Art, Matsuda...

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Honorable mentions because I don't want to make the article any longer.

Cody is designed after Michael Paré

Deejay is designed after Billy Banks.

Abel is designed after Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko

M.Bison is designed after Kyūsaku Shimada

Lucy Morgan is designed after Cynthia Rothrock

Oro is designed after Helio Gracie and he is ironically not related to Laura.


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I love how most Street fighters are inspired from Martial Artists, Wrestlers and Action stars but Karin is inspired from a Soap Opera villain child star. I want to see a Canadian Street Fighter inspired from the Hart dynasty.


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Now I know why Hollywood looks familiar when I watched old episodes of Glow. Sad that Chun-li is not based from a real life person. So they are Afraid Mike Tyson will sue them but he dont actually mind it.


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I wonder if El Fuerte is inspired from Rey Mysterio or some other popular Luchador.


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Street Fighter 6 is announced. Now I wonder which celebrities will have a character designed after them. Oh yeah! People kept comparing Luke to Logan and Jake Paul. That Gave Capcom a conscious decision to change his design in Street Fighter 6. Alex is Lucky that he doesn't have Hulk Hogan's hairline. The Irony with Michael Pare is in one of his movies, He played a character named Cody too, and his girlfriend is also Kidnapped. He wears a white shirt in that movie too.

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Alex is the more handsome, less bald and less racist version of Hulk Hogan. Luke is obviously based from the Paul Brothers.


I miss Abel, He was an NPC is Street Fighter 5. I hope he will be playable again! Really like the dude. he was a big muscular guy who loves puppies and Kittens.


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This is an Amazing Article series, I read both parts. Thanks for letting me know the origins of these characters most of us grew up with.