The very first fighting game is a 1976 arcade game titled Heavyweight champion. It started it all, but it is Street Fighter that defined the genre. Without Street Fighter, there will be no Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, nor Tekken. Many Street Fighter characters are so Iconic that even people who don’t play the game knows their name. There is no way in H.e double hockey sticks Nicki Minaj plays this game, but she knows who Chun-li is. I want to include the first lady of fighting games, but sadly she won’t fit this article. There are Street Fighter characters based on Anime and Manga characters. Meanwhile, there are original characters based on the Japanese understanding of a stereotype of a national from a country they represent. There are characters though who are based from real existing people and yes there is no permission for their likeness.

Ryu -Street...

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I am sad that my nephew only recognize Street Fighter characters as dlc for Fortnite, knowing the rich history of these characters.


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The Ken and Ryu Inspiration is spot on. In Case of Modern characters I believe Luke is inspired from the Paul Brothers of Youtube fame.


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I am Glad that Angelina Jolie is not obsessed with her likeness because she didn't sue capcom even if they didn't ask for her permission. Lindsay Lohan sued GTA 5 accusing them for making a character designed after her even if its not.


It is sad that the real life inspiration for Both Ryu and Ken both passed away. At least the real life Sagat is still alive training people. He even embraced the character!


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Street Fighter 6 needs to Bring Back Crimson Viper. Angelina Jolie is relevant again so her look alike should be back in the games!


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LOL at every fighting game having a Bruce Lee Look alike! Mortal Kombat have Liu Kang and Tekken have Martial Law.


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Ryu's design in Street Fighter 6 looks like Mas Oyama! Street Fighter 6 is going for realism so I am not shocked with the changes.