[SELLING] Ranger Keys; OOO Medals; Digimon and other Random stuff

I selling these off as I do not need them.
I have hidden all the pictures.
Some are placed in ebay. [Seller name: accel_zero]
So some pictures will have either Zeronos_Rider or Accel_Zero; but it's still the same person; which is me :laugh:
[NOTE: I am currently editing it to clear out space]
All shipping is for worldwide. For specific regions; please do PM me.

All keys are brand new. All stickers unapplied; unassembled for gashapon; candy uneaten
Please refer to list instead of picture for current stock as pictures are taken as a whole
Airmail Shipping with tracking USD5+ USD 1 per extra key
USD 5 each.
2 Gokai Silver [2 Candy]
Gold Anchor Key [Candy]
2 Hurricane Red [1 Candy 1 Gashapon]
Shurikenger [Gashapon]
Deka Break [Gashapon]
Magi Shine [Gashapon]
Shinken Gold [Gashapon]

USD 7 each
Legend Sentai Series: Candy Toy Ranger Key 01
Dekamaster x 2
Big One X 1

Ranger Keys Pictures

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Gashapon Ranger Keys Full Team of 6 @ USD25

If you want pictures of individual keys; do let me know and I will send you the link. They take up too much space.

Astro Switches
2 Gashapon Smoke Astro Switch [X Right Leg Switch]. USD7 each
Let me know if you want the capsule; if not I will ship without them as default.

DX Kamen Rider OOO Medals [Airmail with tracking USD5]

DX Kamen Rider OOO Medal Set 03 US15
DX Kamen Rider OOO Medal Set 01 USD10 (Opened. Cheetah medal is damagen but can be scan at close range)

Non-Tokusatsu item
Digimon Pendulum Progress Ver 2.0 White (Korean) USD40
Opened to check for damaged. Brand new.

Wanted: [I would prefer to trade]
Ranger Keys of Zyuranger excluding Red and Green. [Either that happen by June or I might get the whole set and sell the rest]
Reasonable prices please. Include shipping if possible

I can only give estimated shipping cost.
All shipping is airmail. I will combine all shipping.
Tracking will be given if total purchase is above USD25
All items are kept in pet and smoke free area.
Shipping will be done within 3days after receiving payment.
Anything feel free to post here. I will try to reply within 24hours.

Payment only by PayPal.
For SGD buyers: COD and bank deposit are available in addition to PayPal.

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Bump for the day. Remember; price is negotiable with reasonable offers.
Price adjusted to show price in SGD and USD.
I prefer SGD as I will not need to be subjected to PayPal currency exchange rate; thus reducing cost from my side and reduce prices.
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Add 2 Astro Switch 14. I will update the pictures to reflect on current sales. Also to reduce the amount of pictures in the thread


Hi, I want to enquire about any Zyuuranger Ranger Key that you have. please send me the details about the keys and your estimated price (including shipping to Malaysia). thank you:)