1. zeronos_rider

    [SELLING] Ranger Keys; OOO Medals; Digimon and other Random stuff

    I selling these off as I do not need them. I have hidden all the pictures. Some are placed in ebay. [Seller name: accel_zero] So some pictures will have either Zeronos_Rider or Accel_Zero; but it's still the same person; which is me :laugh: [NOTE: I am currently editing it to clear out space]...
  2. K

    [Buying] OOO Medal Holder

    So.... yeah. I'm in the market for the Kamen Rider OOO Medal Holder. I would like it if ti were a complete item (coming with everything it had in the box and possibly the box too) but I will take just the the holder adn the 1 medal it comes with. I live in Florida, so shipping to the USA is a...
  3. zeronxepher

    [1080p] O-Medal Holder -Kamen Rider OOO-

    Unboxing of the O-Medal Holder in HD like aways. Enjoy! YouTube - [1080p] O-Medal Holder -Kamen Rider OOO- Note: Best viewed in HD at full screen.