Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 34: "The Legendary Gun"

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They say Sentai doesn't do gore anymore, but melting a hole through someone's torso is pretty brutal!
This week: The Guard Dog of Hell, Doggie Kruger Cerbero! And yes, same voice actor. More importantly, it's a new toy day so get down to the stores already kids! Are they really going to push Kairi into "the dark side" when he's clearly the lead red or will they bring him around in the remaining 15-ish episodes? Finally, a close-up of someone wearing glasses means they're eeeviiiil!


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This was a great episode. I like how they didn't show Noel's illusion and why he didn't pass the final trap. He is definitely suspicious and love the build up for his mysterious background. Even Kogure is being more and more suspect too. I can't wait to see what unfolds with the story and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I have two theories/things that I would like to see happen in the show:

1. Kogure is the red herring and Noel turns out to be the villain that turns on Team Lupin and Pato. We don't know how/why he would become a double agent for both sides. What is his agenda? To complete the Lupin collection by manipulating both sides for his own needs?
This theory would be awesome to see as we never had a true villain sixth ranger before (Abare Killer was the last time we got this and he became an anti-hero before his death).

2. Kogure is Dogranio Yabun. We haven't seen a Sentai Boss Villain that was this quiet for a long time. He didn't even encounter the rangers in person yet and we're already closing in the on the final quarter of the series. His Lupin collection power allows him to disguise himself into anything he wants, so all along he was with the Lupinrangers. He doesn't want an heir to the throne but rather use everyone as pawns to get his hands on the completed Lupin collection.

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When Noel comes around and sees Touma and Umika on the ground he says (at least according to the OverTime sub) "I guess they couldn't shoot either". So it would seem his was something similar.

Dogranio did encounter the Patrangers that one time. My current guess is that they will take him down while the Lupinrangers handle Zamigo. That way they get their revenge while the cops stop the head of the criminal gang.

I keep wondering if either Noel will be revealed as Arsene's son/grandson and the loved one he's trying to save is Arsene, or that Kogure will turn out to be Arsene Lupin and he's trying to find a successor (probably Kairi because Red) just as Dogranio is.

I like your thought about Kogure possibly being Dogranio though.


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The only negative I have about this episode is the fact that this one, the one before it, and the next one are all focused mostly on the Phantom Thieves. In this episode, I can tell Keiichiro is tired of being on the sidelines. The Thieves are getting a bigger and bigger arsenal as the days pass, and the cops aren't any closer to ending things unless they start getting serious about collecting Lupin Collection pieces themselves.

So if we're talking theories, I have a feeling we're going to see things change for the PatRangers pretty soon. Either they're going to claim the Splash Trigger Machine for themselves (seriously, it even looks like a cop when it combines), or the cops are going to get their own Dial Fighter to even things out. Who knows, this coming episode may lead to the cops getting something new for their arsenal, even though the story will be mostly focused on the Thieves.

And I still believe that by the end of the series, it'll be revealed that the LupinRangers and the PatRangers were always meant to be part of the same team, possibly with a different name to reflect the the two teams united as one. They both use VS Changers, they both use Lupin Collection pieces in their arsenals, they can swap out Dial Fighters/Trigger Machines for virtually any Kaiser combination. I deeply believe that's the direction they are going. But if the show proves me wrong and keeps them as 2 separate teams by the end of the show, I'll actually applaud the creators for doing that. It'll definitely elevate the series above "Meh" status for me.