looking for Liveman English fansubs!!!

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looking for Liveman English subtitles series!!!

Sorry everyone but I didn't know where else to list this request: I've been dying to get my hands on the complete set Liveman entail series fanaubbed by GUIS. If someone can throw those files on a couple of DVDs for me I would surely appreciate it! Would be happy to send a few $ your way (and would obviously pay for s&h). Could also trade as I have the complete Jetman series.

Thanks very much!!


Nice post!!
This section is really meant more for buying/selling toys/collectibles, so I'm going to close this thread.

What you're asking should probably be asked over at Toku Fans, the site that used to be the Media Matrix. We cannot link directly to it, but Google "toku fans" and it's the first hit.

Also, rather than asking random folks on a forum, I would suggest contacting GUIS directly about this. Some fansub groups are perfectly willing to have a member mail stuff to you if you can't download files for whatever reason.
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