[J-DRAMA] Kamen Teacher, a cross between GTO and Kamen Rider.


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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIIujOsxFiM&feature=player_embedded"]Kamen Teacher Trailer Subbed?????????? ??? - YouTube[/ame]

the manga was also created by GTO's creator, Fujisawa Tohru. basically, same storyline as GTO but with Kamen Rider's influence added in. :buttrock: hopefully somebody uploads this J-drama. I know it's the typical high school J-drama plot, but who cares?! it's Kamen Teacher!! :p


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It also reminds me of Hentai Kamen at first glance. Great Teacher Hentai Kamen might be interesting to see one day :laugh:

Joking aside, it looks interesting. I like Tachiki Fumihiko's narration and I'm not sold on Fujigaya being the lead but who knows, it'll be good I hope. Not a big fan of Oomasa Aya either though.


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No need to link here, but can someone hook me up with the name of the sub group that's doing this series?

It's been discovered that Hana-Subs is subbing it, but you won't like the style of subs that they do Keith.

There are no hard subs of the show, Hana-Subs is straight soft-subbing the show

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