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Name: Misaki Matsumoto

Age: 16

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Designation: Kamen Rider Kuuga

Gear: Arcle belt


Rider Appearance:

(Standard Mighty Form)

Bio: Though the story of Misaki, as well as her becoming a Kamen Rider, is set in the modern-day Earth, the tale of Kuuga actually stretched farther back. It all began when the Ancient Spirits, deciding that the land of Fantasia is able to thrive without their presence, created various enchanted items that contained a piece of their powers so that Fantasia may remain safe even when they were gone. One such item was the Arcle Belt, which was passed on to a kingdom allied with the kingdom Raina Mochizuki's family belonged to. Surely enough, the time came when the powers of the Arcle were called upon by that very kingdom -- Aesir's assault against Fantasia. During Aesir's attack, which occurred during Fantasia's New Year's Jubilee, a mighty warrior known only as Kuuga the Mighty stepped up, utilizing the power of the Arcle to battle against Aesir and his forces alongside a united force formed to allow the Royal Family to escape to Earth. Because of his power, Kuuga the Mighty, who was skilled in hand to hand combat, and is able to call upon weapons based on different forms, was placed in the rear guard of the united force. Despite his power, however, Kuuga the Mighty was killed in action, The Arcle sent hurtling through the same portal the Royal Family used in order to escape.

Since that time, the once-beautiful land of Fantasia has become a barren, corrupt wasteland under Aesir's rule, the Arcle belt wielded by the legendary Kuuga the Mighty lost forever -- or so it seems. What was lost, would eventually be found. In the case of the Arcle, it would be the start of a new legend, and of a new Hero.

Misaki, for the most part, is a normal girl living a rather normal life. Starting with when she was a child, she was raised by upstanding and loving parents, who were able to provide for her needs, and occasionally her wants. Growing up from a cute little girl to a voluptuous, well-endowed young woman, Misaki gained a reputation at her high school, not just with her looks, which made her the crush of so many young men, but also of her diligence, consistently ranking in the upper echelons of the school exams. Little would she, or anyone else, realize what fate has in store for her.

Attending what would seem to be a routine class-wide field trip for upperclassmen, Misaki, along with a few of her friends, were exploring a temple in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. While going about and taking pictures of the place, Misaki suddenly began having weird visions. Noticing her friends looking at her oddly, Misaki waved off their concerns, attributing it to thirst. However, despite quenching that thirst with a bottle of Gatorade given to her, the visions just became clearer and more vivid. Though weirded out by the visions, Misaki also felt that the visions were compelling her to find something from within the temple. Finally finding her much-needed break, Misaki quietly slipped away from her friends, the visions guiding her along the temple, through areas most people were not allowed to go. Finally arriving at a secluded area of the temple, Misaki found under a dwarf tree a red orb lying among the pebbles. Curious as to what it was, Misaki promptly picked it up. Without warning, the red orb began to glow, forcing her to cover her eyes as a blinding light began to envelop the area. It was at that instant that the blue orb disappeared from her hand, instead forming into a mystical silver belt around her waist, which doesn't seem to want to come off. Slightly scared, not just with the belt, but also the flash of light, Misaki started to look around, hoping that nobody noticed her. Unfortunately for her, it was fool's hope, as she found that someone -- or rather something -- had noticed her: a throng of Shadow Golems. Naturally, Misaki backed away with fear, as the Shadow golems approached her in a threatening manner. Just as she was about to scream for help, however, she began to see another vision -- that of a red armored warrior with a bug-like helmet. Though she didn't really understand why or what, she instinctively began performing mysterious hand movements, causing the belt to activate and forming a black and milky-white armor to form around her body. Feeling a sort of power course within her, Misaki suddenly felt less afraid, and began to engage the Shadow Golems in combat. Though her movements were rather awkward due to her not being trained as a warrior, Misaki relied on the new power to see her through, which seemed to have affected the Shadow Golems.

After a rather exhausting and awkward fight, Misaki finally defeated the Shadow Golems. Just as she was about to vacate the area in hopes of avoiding security, she was approached by one Raina Mochizuki, who seemed to have witnessed the battle. Commenting on how awkward she looked trying to fight the Shadow Golems, Raina told Misaki to come with her, offering to train the buxom young woman to become a better warrior.

Since that time, Misaki has learned of the past of the Arcle belt, as well as of the previous user of the Belt, giving her the easy decision of dubbing her new form "Kamen Rider Kuuga". As the new Kuuga, Misaki has cast her lot with the Guardians, hoping not just to protect the world from Aesir's forces, but also delve deeper into the mystery of the Arcle. Deep in her heart, Misaki feels as if she was destined to have the belt for some reason...


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Let me start off by saying yes, this game is still open. Sorry for the long delay. Last week I was busy with my new position. Will be reading any profiles now


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I made it blade cannon cause from the plot it seemed like the enemy's dimension and earth were merging as one but if you would like and if your still wanting to do this rp I could edit my profile and use a different appearance so as not to be blade cannon.

Yes, this game is still open. And yes please edit the profile if you're still interested.
Name: Mysterious Man
Age: Mid 20's
Race: Human
Rider Type: Anti-Hero/Villain

Origin: Although not much is known about him the mysterious man. But what is known is vague he was born in Osaka, Japan and lived a normal life until he became Kamen Rider Kaixa. When he first became a rider his first motive was to kill Aesir, and most of all other riders because of his sadistic sense of justice and lack of sympathy. He would use others in order to reach his goal and kill those who get into his way.

Kamen Rider Designation:

Gear: Kaixa Driver

Appearance: Coming soon

Rider Appearance:

Faction: Neutral
Name: Anne Stocker

Age: 18 years old

Race: Half-human/Half-vampire

Origin: Earth

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Selena

Gear: -Selenat: A mechanical bat, the daughter of Kivat-bat the second and younger sister to kivat-bat the third and Kivarra.
-Rider Belt: A golden belt with holsters on each sides to hold Selena’s fustles and a stand at the front to allow Selenat to hang upside down.
-Wake Up 1 fustle: A small whistle shaped like a bat’s head that activates Selena’s rider kick.
-Wake Up 2 fuestle: Shaped like a revolver’s bullet chamber, it activates the VampHunter’s final attacks.
-Castle Fuestle: Shaped like a castle, summons Castle Draken.
-Machine Fuestle: Shaped like an engine, summons MachineVania.
-Rise up Fuestle: Shaped like an angel with her wings wrapped around her body, unlock Selena Risen form
-VampHunter: Selena’s base weapon. A gun which can turn into a sword
-MachineVania: Selena’s motorcycle. Built around a sport motorcycle and is equiped with lasers.
-Castle Draken: A dragon with a castle built on its back. It can be summoned by the Castle Fuestle. The castle on its back can turn into a weapons platform.
-Blood Calibur: A sword that once belonged to Dracula, king of vampires, only usable by Selena Risen form.


Rider Appearance: Female version of this

Upgrade Rider Form: Risen Form
Selena’s power increases drasticly. She can only wield the BloodCalibur in this form.

Faction: Guardian

History: Anne’s mother was human but her father was an immortal vampire. The two met on the night of the young woman’s twentieth birthday. She should have been his next meal but he instead fell in love with her. The two dated until the day it was learned that the girl was pregnant. The vampire decided then to take the mortal as his bride and nine months later, their daughter was born and they named her Anne.

Anne brought joy and happiness to her parents for the first three years of her life. But it all came to an end one night when the manor they lived in came under attack but a group of fangires. The monsters were attacking because their king had declared that all vampires were a threat to their race because they also fed on humans and might cause a food shortage. Anne’s mother was the first to die, drained of her life force. Seeing his wife’s death, Anne’s father rushed the infant girl to safety. He hid her inside Castle Draken, a dragon he had tamed centuries ago and built a castle on its back. He also enthrusted Anne’s safety to Selenat, a member of the kivat clan who had been exiled by kivat-bat the second. The last thing Anne remembers from that night is her father’s screams of agony after he had decided to go and face the fangires.

From the safety of Castle Draken, Selenat did her best to raise little Anne despite being a bat. When the child turned five, she was still able to forge fake papers and enrolled Anne into a school. School life was normal for Anne, at least for the first years. When she was 15 however, she came under attack by an unknown creature. Sensing her distressed, Selenat came to Anne’s rescue and allowed to become Kamen Rider Selena for the first time. With the power of a rider at her disposal, Anne thus decided to find those responsibles for her parents’ death and punished them.


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NeoAngelius, I'd like to thank you for taking interest in this rpg. However, after few certain circumstances do not feel it is fair for those who have already applied to keep them waiting for more players to take part. I've taken time to consider this fact and decided to move onto another project that is in works. If this were to have remain opened I would decline this profile on the following reasons.

* It may seem you've not read the front page or browsed other players approved profiles to get a better understanding. There are no vampires in this game. From what I've read your character's father would be a Fantasian NOT a vampire, but can be assumed by nature in the Human World lore.

* This is (or was) not a canon RPG to have antagonists such like the Fangire present. Each rider's henshin device comes from an Ancient Spirit power before they (Ancient Spirit) left Fantasia to the hands of all Fantasia.

* The Kamen Rider image is clearly Kiva, so this would make your rider Kiva. If you had used an original Kamen Rider image then that would be acceptable. You need not to worry about Kiva looking feminine as the armor encasing the rider is meant for protection. Next this part had irritated me, the power upgrade clearly bares the appearance of Kivarra, my character. As mentioned, if this rpg had remain in operation this would be another factor to why it was denied.

* Nowhere is it mentioned to how she came across the other riders to be in league with the Guardians.

I'll give you credit for at least listing your character's arsenal.
I see
I'm sorry to hear that.
Had you tell me that you had decided to keep the forum alive, I would have been willing to make the nescessary corrections to my character


Name:Renji Humido
Kamen Rider Designation:Kamen Rider Shininja
Gear:Shinobi Driver and Ninjurikens
Appearance: (I don't know how to do uploads of images,so I'll just describe)
Dark brown hair,black headband with Shininja logo on it(ninja with shuriken points),often wears black gi,but when he doesn't,he wears a leather jacket with claw marks resembling Gekiranger.When wearing the gi,he has a black belt.
Rider Appearence:looks like a ninja,obviously.Black base suit resembling a gi,helmet looking like a ninja mask with a visor instead.Has a shuriken on his body just like Drive Type Speed.Also,the Shinobi Driver looks like Accel Driver,but more ninja-like and no Gaia Memory port,because he uses shurikens.
Upgraded Rider Form:purple helmet that looks exactly like regular helmet,red body with red shuriken.Also,the purple head has a shuriken on it.Blue right arm with blue shuriken on the shoulder.Orange left arm with orange shuriken on the wrist.Yellow left leg with shuriken on knee.Green right leg with green shuriken on ankle.Rainbow shuriken on back.

Faction:Neutral,just cuz he's epic like that.Later joined the Guardians,though.

Bio:As a baby he was left on the doorstep of a ninja temple,where for his entire life was trained in the ninja arts.When a rouge Fantasia killed his master,he took the Shinobi Driver and used it to become Shininja and accidentally found himself in Fantasia.He doesn't work with the other riders,but he also doesn't work with the Dark Legion.After a while,he found his master's spirit who revealed to him that Renji's father was Shininja before him,and gave Renji the Rainbow Ninjuriken to activate his Ultimate Shuriken Form.He then joined the other riders to defeat the Dark Legion.Was almost mind controlled,but his father's spirit inside the Rainbow Shuriken told him to resist and then a bunch of other stuff happened.He still wonders if he was meant to become Shininja,but his father's spirit inside the shuriken and his master's spirit which appears randomly both say he was.


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despite quenching that thirst with a bottle of Gatorade given to her, the visions just became clearer and more vivid. Though weirded out by the visions

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