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Been awhile has it not? Missed everyone greatly having gone on hiatus due to personal reasons outside this wonderful community. Thanks to my friends support, I've decided that I give a particular favorite rpg another reboot. Many of you might recognize this plot line from a former rpg of mine. There will be a few changes along the way. Like the name for example. At the time sounded catchy, but after some realization that it already belonged to a Kamen Rider null that idea out.

What are dreams exactly? In the dictionary dreams are defined simply as a sequence of images that appear involuntarily to the mind of someone who is sleeping, often a mixture of real and imaginary characters, places, and events. What if I were to tell you dreams are more than just that? Where a dream momentarily submerges your unconscious self-glimpsing into that of another world or gives birth to new ideas. What you’re experiencing is the world known as Fantasia communicating to you one way or another. Fantasia is the mirror world of our own save for its inhabitants. The citizens of Fantasia are a variety that can only be describe as within a dream. Both humanoid and beast-like in appearance live their lives no differently than yours or mine. Though their civilization runs more differently divided into several kingdoms, are said to been bless by the Ancients themselves.

Like parents’ watching their children the deities observed the kingdom flourished and thrived without divine intervention. With the Ancient Spirits presence no longer needed forged several treasures containing part of their power. Amongst the divided countries the Enchantic Kingdom had been chosen as the recipients making it the pillar. Their departed words that these gifts will save two worlds entrusted them only to be wielded by the royal family, a member of their royal court, a royal guard or knight. This sacred duty passed down from generation-to-generation still unknowingly of this second world to whom the deities speak. For amongst the Ancient Spirits one did not share the same viewpoints as the others and often rose up against them to destroy all that they created. His name stricken from records to the other deities was called Aesir.

Weaken Aesir dare not to extract his revenge on them and their creations slept for centuries. Now without the Ancient Spirits presence detected within Fantasia started to regain his strength and gathered followers to serve him. It was on the Enchantic Kingdoms New Year’s Jubilee did Aesir made his move. However, Aesir’s intention was anticipated as such by such the Ancient Spirits had taken precaution by adding a triggering mechanism to respond if the seal had been broken. A portal into the Human World (Earth) tore open to provide long enough for the Royal Family to escape with that entrusted to them and sealing the door between the two worlds forever. With the treasures lost to them, Fantasia turn to a place of darkness under Aesir’s rule. What became of the royal family that escaped? That lays within itself a mystery. As the years passed between the two worlds Aesir confidence is shattered by the presence of that what eluded him. Location: Earth. Unable to break the barrier that prevents him crossing into that world formulates a new plan. Earth is now the new battlefield and already Aesir has begun to make it his own.


1) No godmoding or power playing without my permission (in some cases with villains might be allowed.)

2) If you are unable to post for a while, please have someone (other than myself) cover for you in the meantime. I would like to also add that upon ones request their character(s) can be NPC.

3) Due to IRL that throws curves in our paths on a daily basis trust that everyone will post. If a player does not post within a month's timeframe their character(s) the second rule shall be implied.

4) Pay attention to the posts. This is quite imperative not only that we interactive with other players, but include we’re not leaving anyone behind.

5) Bios are required. The limit of roles that a player may have is one (If a returning player returns I will be doing two roles). Canon-roles are highly discouraged from their respective show. Be creative how their powers derived from this alternate world. This also applies to NPC's, everyone is allowed to have one NPC, but give a good bio that others may understand them.

6) No using real life actor/actresses for one’s character(s). Using anime/game/artistic images are permitted for they allow more creativity.

7) This is a mature thread. Even though this is a mature thread, there shall be no sex. Relationships are acceptable.

8) No one liners

9) Keep the drama at the door please. If you have problems with someone do not be posting on the OOC/Sign-Up and Main thread. Have a problem? Deal with it via PM to that person.

10) Please do not ask for a rider to be place on reserved for you. If another player expresses an interest in a character that has been posted I shall review both applications equally.

11) Original Kamen Riders are welcomed. However, players must provide details of their henshin items and moves within the application. You my not keep this information from your fellow players. Please keep in mind of the first rule. There are instances where a rider's even in the series were its proven to fail.

12) Have Fun.

Kamen Rider Guardians:

Kamen Rider Kivala – Me

Shadow Legion:

Aesir - Me

Neutral Riders:

Kamen Rider Wizard – Claimed by me.


Benjamin “Ben” Morris
Edward Steward
Shadow Golems

The following riders are off limits based upon the following reasons.

Decade and Diend – The ability to transform (and call) any riders is a little too much godmodding.

Den-O – Basically a rider with the ability to travel in any point of time with an Imagin.

Here is the skeleton profile to be used.



Kamen Rider Designation:



Rider Appearance:

Upgrade Rider Form:



Kamen Rider Guardian Opening Theme:

EDIT: I will be posting profiles tomorrow afternoon at the latest.
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Name: Raina Mochizuki

Age: 21

Race: Half Human/Half Fantasia

Origin: Earth

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Kivala

Gear: Kivarra


Rider Appearance:

Rider Appearance (Name Pending Upgrade Form):

Faction: Kamen Rider Guardian


As a young child Raina was raised to live a normal childhood much as possible felt out of place amongst the other children on her block and at school. While most children would often share or exchange their lunches Raina had been forbidden by her mother’s wishes. For unlike the other children not only does Raina eat prepared meals (from home or at school) also required blood. Knowing of the stronger effects drinking human blood Raina’s mother substituted quite often animal blood in its place. When Raina was still an infant came across this when Raina refused to drink milk. Being a blood bank technologist at the St. June Hospital Raina had access into the freezer containing the samples of different blood types. Having inadvertently dropped into her lab coat, the 24 month infant found. In all right Raina’s mother should have been horrified to see the infant lapping hungrily the spill blood was happy to see her child taking to it like milk.

Aware of the necessity Raina’s mother saw the danger within providing her daughter’s particular need. By insisting staying longer hours and doing most of the research in the comfort of her own home avoided from stealing the hospital directly. In time Raina was introduced into more solid food her mother decided to see if animal blood used as a substitute. Measures were taken to conceal this from Raina’s father side of the family and friends alike. A reason deeply rooted in Raina’s mother side of the family.

Raina is the direct descendant of the Enchantic Kingdom’s royal family and crown princess. While the royal family were forced to leave their beloved kingdom blended into Earth’s time period one stood watch, Kivarra. As in the past the white wing partnerships were with the women of the royal bloodline alone. What came of the Ancient Relics entrusted to them were lost as they fled Fantasia, which made Kivarra’s duty more crucial nothing befell them. Raina and Kivarra’s fated meeting would take form upon Aesir’s forces entered the Human World. Without aide of the Kamen Rider Guardian Kivarra confronted Raina only they can defeat the Shadow Soldiers (low class knights of Aesir’s).

Kivarra warn the young princess that by adorning will awaken the darker nature that lied dormant within, Raina did not care what happen. What matters most importantly drive back the forces seeking to corrupt the Human World. Their given mission is to the missing Ancient Relics and those who are worthy to wield them. Kamen Rider Kivala may have the right to test ones worth is not the leader of the Kamen Rider Guardians.


Name: Aesir

Age: Unknown

Race: Ancient Spirit

Origin: Fantasia



Faction: Lord of the Shadow Legion

History: When Fantasia was once a barren wasteland planet the Ancient Spirits gave it life. From its pristine waters to the planets inhabitants had been designed to their shared ideas. Everyone’s except for the one known as Aesir. Though they have given creation to the once lifeless planet Aesir became outrage by his fellow deities granting the Fantasians power to shape their own destiny and that of the planet. Wanting to prove how foolishly they had been created the first war by spreading the seeds of doubt amongst the people.

The devastating war had taken the equally amount of years it had been created by the Ancients. Pleased by the fruits of his own labor confronted his brothers and sisters showing them the error of their so-called utopia. Aesir declare that the power to shape Fantasia should never have fallen into the hands of their own creations, but them. They were the ones that had given it life so should its fate be decided by them alone. Indeed Aesir actions had awaken their sense a utopia was foolish concept seen a new glimmer of hope.

Bounded by their vow did not take favor onto any one of the divided kingdom sewn seeds of their own to create a system run by the royal family of each kingdom. A seed nurtured by their action will help either end or continue the war was based on their actions alone. With the Ancient Spirits presence no longer needed forged several treasures containing part of their power. Amongst the divided countries the Enchantic Kingdom had been chosen as the recipients making it the pillar. Their departed words that these gifts will save two worlds entrusted them only to be wielded by the royal family, a member of their royal court, a royal guard or knight. This sacred duty passed down from generation-to-generation still unknowingly of this second world to whom the deities speak as his name was stricken from records. Though the world may have forgotten him Aesir did not them and vowed revenge.

Waiting for a windows opportunity Aesir continued to influence those who had not forgotten him. Those whom remain loyal were to be granted these objects of power against their enemies. From them Aesir gain in power and strength broke free. Awaken Aesir finds himself within a new evolution of Fantasia did not sense any of his brothers or sisters. With none to impose sought out the Enchantic Kingdom to take possession of the relics left behind of his fellow deities. For they impose a dangerous threat if not left unchecked. Commanding his followers set out on a long campaign to destroy those who dared to defy his will. As his forces advance accordingly Aesir descended before Enchantic Kingdom demanding the ancient relics return to him. In a great disappointment Aesir did not have the pleasure meeting the kingdoms royal family only its’ King. An even greater one learning that he arrived too late as the items he sought were lost within the Human World and the passageway closed. Taking it more as a gain continued the campaign until Fantasia belonged to him, making Enchantic Kingdom his own.

A decision he will soon regret feeling the traces of the royal bloodline and that of the Ancient Spirits within the Human World (Earth). Grown within power and bored easily found these traces to be all desirable wanting to add that to his own. Nothing will stop him to make up for that small grave error.


Aesir's Forces

Shadow Golem


The Shadow Golem fallen Fantasia/Earth soldiers of Aesir carrying out the Ancient Spirit or that of his elite Shadow Knight’s command. From stolen bones/burial ground and ashes are given life again performed by a forbidden ritual still practice by Aesir’s priests and priestesses. The ritual grants them life anew Shadow Golem do not contain any free will of their own, but do demonstrate a degree of intelligence, loyalty and ferocity needed.



Fireshades another extension of Aesir’s forces that work together as a pack. There are various origins of the predatorily beasts being the first inhabitants created by the Ancient Spirits when the planet was still quite new. Different these stories between the divided kingdoms their fate was recorded on the seal place by the Ancient Spirits. As the planet grew and more species flourish became enraged that their territory was compromised ravaged the lands in a blaze of fire in retribution. Feeling that they had created a great wrong these beast were seal within an inactive volcano, a marker had been place to warning all travelers not to remove the seal or risk destruction to the kingdoms. With his fellow brethren gone Aesir found favor in the resentment for being sealed away presented them with an offer. Freedom. In exchange they were to become another extension of his power.


A few NPCs'

Name: Benjamin “Ben” Morris

Age: 23

Race: Human

Origin: Earth



History: Benjamin Morris (prefers to be called Ben for short) is Raina’s childhood friend and brother-like figure. When they were both very young Ben’s family moved next door after his mother was promoted vice-president to the Nebula Incorporation first encountered the mysterious young Raina.

Having seen how Raina often tends to isolate herself from their fellow classmates and kids on their block reminded much of his late sister, Shirley. A reminder that he found painful did not want Raina to feel she needed to be alone. A request made by Raina’s mother due to Raina’s unique “illness” agreed to be Raina’s big brother. Over protective Ben would not hesitate to deal with anyone that dared to pick on his “little sister” often landed himself into detentions quite frequently.

Now a junior at the downtown community college Ben still continues playing the big brother in Raina’s life. When Ben did not qualified for a scholarship or financial aid applied for a part-time job at the Avalon Video Arcade store, which after his second year was promoted as manager. When creatures and armor-clad figures known as Kamen Riders start to appear wonders what exactly is going on.

Name: Edward Steward

Age: 22

Race: Human

Origin: Earth



History: Once known as the youngest journalist for the city newspaper now works alongside Benjamin Morris (a fellow college buddy) at the video game store after admitting publicizing false stories. Much to Edward’s disdain accepted Ben’s offer after no other journalism communities would accept his resume. From that regrettable mistake Edward works on becoming more of a professional journalist by gathering all the facts rather than fabricating them. Unfortunately the news in the media local and international do not seem remotely interesting enough to him.

Edward seeks out a story that would blow everyone’s mind and place him back on top. That opportunity in form what would be known being at the right place at the wrong time. What would be known as the first recorded sighting of a figure to be known as a Kamen Rider. As more appeared wherever these strange creatures or twisted version of the riders appeared Edward wanted to learn the nature of these riders and if they could be trusted. To him it mattered not, only that they gave him a good story to report and get out of that dump.
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Unofficial Soundtrack

Opening Theme: Magenta (performed by Nano)

Kamen Rider Guardian:

* Raina Mochizuki ~ Fight the Night (performed by ONE OK ROCK)

Also, I'm doing something a little different this time. The beginning 'arc' will be beginning introductions of the Protagonist/Agonist(s) simply and will lead into different arcs based on each character. It is a bit more structured compared to the past, but I find that this will bring a lot out in everyone. How this will be played is by using a dice method if you will....still working on that too.
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While I'm not a big Kamen rider fan this rpg definitely sounds interesting however I can't see any of the images in Opera they show up in Chrome and IE though. I know you don't want canon roles but are non canon Riders allowed?


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An interesting question that I've not put much thought into at the present moment. VenchiVenchi, please PM a rough draft of your idea on a character and I'll let you know my answer.
Hi Magi! It's great to see you again! By the way, great job at starting this thread again. Really missed roleplaying with you and the others. I will be sending my profiles to you soon. If there's any help you need with the thread just let me know. And again, congratulations on starting up the Kamen Rider Guardians!


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Hi Seig,

It's nice to hear from you again as well. Please take your time on the profiles and remember you're only permitted one playable character the others are NPC.

When we have what I feel like is enough players we shall start.
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It appears that I've forgotten to post thus far the list of characters NPC and made corrections.
Name: Norio Tachibana
Age: 28
Race: Human
Origin: Earth
Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Moonlight
Gear: The Twilight belt and the Moon Talisman
Appearance:[HIDE] mushishi_by_crispy_gypsy-d5ia5p3.jpg[/HIDE]
Rider Appearance: [HIDE]kamen_rider_twilight_by_riderb0y-d5pjlyl.jpg[/HIDE]
This is the close combat orientated base form. By taking the moon talisman from his belt and placing it in the handle of his Eclipse Saber he becomes capable of using his finishing attack: Moonlight Stroke which causes his entire sword to glow silver greatly enhancing it's sharpness.
Upgrade Rider Form: [HIDE]from_the_dark_came_the_light_by_impules006-d5vbbqm.jpg[/HIDE]
This is the upgraded form which relies more accuracy and speed than strength, though it is still stronger than the baseform. This form also switches from close to long range combat, with practice he can hit a target up to 2 miles away. While the bow seen in the picture is the primary form of this mode's weapon the Avenger, it can also be split apart and used as two short swords. In order to use the finisher it has to be in bow form. The finishing move is known as the Holy Stinger. The Holy Stinger fires a single charged shot capable of piercing through the enemy.
Faction: Kamen Rider Guardian
History: Norio's parents died in a car accident when he was five years old,as a result he was adopted by his godfather and his wife who didn't have any childeren of thier own. At first he refused to accept what had happened acting like an ungrateful brat to his new family. However about two years later he came to terms with what happened, though he still never called his new parents mom and dad and instead referred to them as aunt and uncle.

On his eighteenth birthday Norio was entrusted with two heirlooms from his foster mother's side of the family, a weird looking belt and a coin that has a picture of the crescent moon on one side while the other side was too damaged to tell what was on there.

He has discovered the ability of the two items by accident when he was wearing the belt and put in the Talisman while he was messing around. While he thinks the power is cool he isn't too sure if the is the right person to wield it and as such he decided to only use it if there was an emergency, something that hasn't happened yet.
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VenchiVenchi must apologize that I cannot accept this profile at the moment based upon the following. Being an original Kamen Rider what are his powers? What are their limitations? When you’ve first shared details of this character assumed that they would be mention in the final submission. The next is the information how he obtained the ancient artifacts’ to become Kamen Rider Moonlight. You had the right direction being handed by his foster mother upon his eighteenth birthday, but there it went quite vague. As time flows differently between the worlds some sort of legend passed down along the generations in items considered to be heirlooms. This ties with the ending of the characters profile how he accidentally unlocked its power. Granted unlocking the powers by accident is acceptable, but what triggered it? I’m having difficult there that it happened naturally without some sort of mechanism to set off the chain of events. He might not truly be fully aware that this has been an occurring matter within the human world at first, but must realize it could happen again. Props, on his doubt being unsure if he’s worthy of such things right now. And this brings me to the final note, please expand more of your character’s profile. What are his dreams? What does he do for a living? Is he currently in college? While doubting if he’s worthy isn’t he curious abit?
Ooh his power and limits still apply I just thought about keeping them a secret from the other players, but I'll add them to the cs again and I will definitely work on the history and personality


Princess of Equesteria
It is my fault in a way for not mentioning this before hand and will make the addition towards any applications of original characters moving from this point forward.


Sorry this took so long.

Name: Graham Klaus
Age: 19
Race: (Magically enchanced) Human

Origin: Earth

Kamen Rider Designation: Agito

Gear: The Ring of Elements, Blade of flame, Torrental Lance, Hurricane Rider (bike)

Appearance: ei%20yakumo%20scans_www.wall321.com_67_zpsav2rvuv5.jpg

Rider Appearance:

Upgrade Rider Form:

Faction: Neutral

History: Agito. The Ancient spirit of the elements. A massive entity with the earth at it's feet and the wind at it's back. Wielding the power of water in one hand and the power of flame in the other few of the spirits could match it's destructive force. When the time came for the Ancients to part from Fantasia Agito created a the ring of elements, an item granting the user access to its elemental powers and armored form. The ring of elements eventually found it's way to the planet earth on the body of a Fantasian Royal.
Unfortunately it did not come alone.

Signs of the struggle were on all parties, indicating a far larger and more violent conflict had occured. All that was left when Graham's father, Richard arrived at the site of the portals origin was the chosen keeper of the ring of elements, the crown prince of the Esper Kingdom, and a squad of shadow soldiers lead by a powerful shadow golem. In what would come to be seen as an act of desperation by the Klaus family the Esper prince used an unknown magic to place the ring into the body of Richard. The action resulted in a sort of explosion. A massive expansion of magic energies which destroyed the shadow soldiers and forced the golem into hiding. Most importantly of all, Richard was irrevocably changed by the power of the ring.

The change wasn't noticeable at first. Only Richard Knew something was wrong. He was plagued by nightmares of a giant Compelling him to crush the darkness. As time passed Richard felt a rage growing in him. An great and terrible anger which were unknowingly spiked by brief moments of the shadow golem being in close proximity. Days of this culminated in a monstrous transformation. The creature that Richard became Roared and rampaged through the moonlit forests subconsciously searching for it's destined foe. It was only when Richards wife Carrie, who was carrying Graham's older sister appeared before him that Richard's rage subsided enough to become human once more.

Incidences like this occurred throughout the shared adolescence of Graham and his elder sister Lillybell. In many cases the Shadow Golem actively attacked Richard and his family , prompting Richard to transform and face the monster. Their battles became the stuff of urban legend. Many viewing both monsters as equally horrifying. But to the Klaus family the monster Richard became was the picture of heroism.

The battles would eventually come to a tragic end. For reasons unknown to the klaus family the Golem grew in strength manifesting the ability to generate shadow soldiers. Richard and the Golem clashed one last time as Carrie put down one shadow soldier after another. The golem was eventually destroyed once and for all at the cost of Carrie never walking again, and Richards life.

In the aftermath Richards death Carrie took the kids the live with her father. The creator of The Uncanny Armament, The unique fighting art she used to protect her children. Uncertain if that was the last they'd see of the shadow monsters she tasked both her children with undertaking the same training she received in hopes that would be strong enough to crush whatever evil might appear before them.

Graham took well to the martial arts. They helped him to channel the same energies that nearly drove his father mad. He modified The Uncanny Armament into a style unique to his housing the ring of elements, Granting him a degree of control over the unknown forces housed within him. His devotion pursuing and controlling the power which both protected him and cost his family so much has maid Graham somewhat reclusive and and a bit too serious, lacking a any sense of humor to speak of.

Name: Lillybell Klaus

Age: 22

Race: (Magically enchanced) Human

Origin: Earth


History: Much like her brother Lillybell is unlike the average human. The ring of element's presence in her fathers biology granted her hightend perception beyond that or the average human as well as a sixth sense, allowing her to sense any danger to her or members of her family. With years of training alongside her brother she's honed the sense to extend beyond that of her immediate family. Unlike her brother she's not plagued with nightmares nor possessed the unearthly violent impulse which afflicted her father and brother. Her prowess in the Uncanny armament surpasses her Brother and nearly matches her Mother's before her paralysis.

Lillybell while also haunted by the events of her childhood did not become withdrawn the way her brother did. She found an outlet in music, making a living as a full time song writer and part time musician. She's devoted to her family, looking after her mother and grandfather and acting as a substitute parental guardian to Graham. She's the only one able to drag her brother (sometimes kicking and screaming) away from their grandfather's compound into the outside world.

She often stretches herself too thin between caring for her family, instructing students at the compound and her own work as a musician.

Name: Simon Edogawa

Age: 82

Race: Human

Origin: Earth


History: In his youth Simon Pursued the martial arts with an inhuman passion. He mastered many styles, however he found them all to be flawed in one form or another. So over a 5 year period he developed a style of his own creation, The Uncanny Armament. He took on many disciples before the birth of his only child, Carrie. It was Carrie and Carrie alone that Simon ultimately deemed worthy of succeeding him as Grand Master.

Unfortunately for the aging martial artist Carrie saw the title as a prison. Doomed to be eternally trapped alongside her hard-nossed hard ass of a father. She ran away with her father's least talented student. An immensely clumsy but kind hearted well meaning man Named Richard Klaus. This broke Simon's heart, though he'd never show it.. till she appeared before him again, crippled and in mourning.

Simon's tutilige of the Klaus children was harsher than any other. It strengthened them and granted them greater control over the un-natural abilities. However it also spawned a game played between the sibling. To come up with the most hilarious way to prank their grandfather.
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It is quite all right and no reason to apologize towards the delay, G.K. After reviewing the profile few times there are few things that I’d like to go over with. A nice touch with the introduction and naming one of the Ancient Agito. From there Graham’s history flowed quite nicely covering a great deal leading into the present. However, there are few subjects rather unclear to be honest. The first matter is Graham and Lillybell’s mother. Was she like their father Richard come from Fantasia? Or was she from the human world? If it was the first they would both be classified being Fantasians or the latter being Half Fantasians. Given the fact there are humanoid looking Fantasians within Fantasia. The next would be the two characters underneath accompany Graham. Are they meant to be NPC’s? That part was rather unclear to be honest.


Sorry if things were a bit confusing. First, I have to clear something up before I get to your questions. Graham's father Richard isn't actually Fantasian. The Fantasian noble who was entrusted with the ring magically fused the ring to Richard before he died. Richards strange abilities are due to the ring being fused to him. His being completely human is one one of the reasons why he becomes Gills (a flawed version of agito) Rather than Agito. Lillybell and Graham's inhuman abilities stem from The rings presence in Richard at the time of their conception.

Now for your questions. First, Carrie , Graham and Lillybell's mother is 100% human. Second, Lillybell,and Simon are indeed NPC's. I wasn't sure if there was a limit on npc and they seemed like the most important ones. Lillybell in particular is necessary to keep me from being bored out of my mind as Graham has next to no personality outside of fighting.

Something I wasn't able to fit into the profile (due to them having not met any Fantasians yet) is that they'll develop a bit of grudge towards Fantasians due to (as they hear from their mother) the ring being forced onto their father, and all the problems that fallowed. This is why their alignment is neutral. They'll warm up to the other hero characters over time but the actions of the Fantasian noble are meant to always remain a mystery to them


Princess of Equesteria
Must apologize for the long delay in approving both profiles. With having to search for more hours and spending time with family did not have much time. So both are approved
Name: Hajime Aikawa
Age: Millions of years old/ looks in his late 20's
Race: Undead

Origin: Earth

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Chalice

Gear: Chalice Rouzer, Chalice Arrow, Heart suit Rouze cards, Wild Slashers (wild form only), Shadow Chaser


Rider Appearance: latest?cb=20120527200946.jpg
This is Hajime's form when taking the appearence of the heart category ace. Possessing all the powers of the Chalice Undead his strength and abilities can be amplified further with the use of the other heart rouze cards. A major flaw though is without the category 2 spirit card he cant return to his human appearence.

Upgrade Rider Form:

Chalice's wild form was achieved when Kenzaki gave Hajime the heart category king card. Merging all his powers together this evolved chalice boasts greater speed strength and reflexes. Also granting him access to a new pair of weapons the wild slashers a pair of kamas. Buy combining the wild slashers with the chalice arrow and merging all the category hearts and a sealing card together to form the wild card Chalice can execute his finisher Wild Cyclone.

Faction: Kamen Rider Guardians

History:Born at the dawn of life on earth as the final trump the Joker undead he participated in the first battle fight to decide what species would rule earth. Being a undead with no associated race Joker would of eliminated all life on earth but was defeated and sealed and the winning undead the human undead secured humanities ability to evolve and become the top species of the planet. When most of the undead were unsealed himself included a new battle fight was started but unpon sealing the human undead and assuming his form Joker acquired a new sense of humanity and lived among humans as Hajime Aikawa. As the battle fight raged he made many friends including Kenzaki Kamen Rider Blade. When the last undead was sealed and he could no longer surpress his joker side it would of meant the extinction of all life on earth. This lead everyone himself included to believe that the only way to save everyone was for him to be sealed so him and blade had one last battle. Kenzaki his friend discovered another solution though turning himself into another joker thus making it so there were two undead in the world again. Kenzaki left to seperate himself form Hajime so that they wouldnt be drawn to fight each other and thus disaster was averted. With a new lease on his human life Hajime vowed to not let his friend's sacrifice be in vayne and lived a full life as a human. When a new threat to earth showed up from another world the Aesir Hajime took up his mantel as Chalice again to protect the humans his friends fought so hard to protect.


Princess of Equesteria
Let me first start of by saying that I am in complete surprise and awe to have another player be interested in my RPG after such inactivity. It did not feel right to start with only a small handful of players. After going over your character’s application must sadly decline it based upon the following key points.

• It is my preference that players avoid using actual characters in their profile application. Anime, drawings, and cartoon-ish game characters are approved. This is brought up at the first page.

• Aesir is the name of the Ancient entity seeking to break into the Human World. Like a two-sided coin the Earth has two sides, the Human World and Fantasia World. The ridge of the coin being that of the barrier separating the two worlds. As pointed out in the storyline dreams experience in the Human World are glimpse into Fantasia.

• The character’s profile background history bares too much canon to that of Kamen Rider Blade. I would have accepted the undead being another race of Fantasia created by the ancient deities. There would be some sense in that to test out the stability of the two worlds coexisting before the creation of the barrier for a few to have evolve in what is now the human race. Also the character's background history is too short, like to see more in depth towards the character.

• Last, there’s no mention of the ancient deities that granted their power to create the henshin device used by the character.
I made it blade cannon cause from the plot it seemed like the enemy's dimension and earth were merging as one but if you would like and if your still wanting to do this rp I could edit my profile and use a different appearance so as not to be blade cannon.

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