Kamen Rider W(double) Metal shaft&Xtreme . $60 for both(Chicago,IL)

I am selling the xtreme memory and metal shaft for $60, both together for $60, I am unsure if I can ship it out, I'd prefer local pick up.

I live in Chicago,IL and want these things gone ASAP!


Budou though
there's probably some people in this forum that lives in your area but they may not buy your stuff because they may not be interested in W items. you should find a box that fits both items and calculate the shipping cost either at your house or go to the post office to find out.


Dammit, I'd love to buy these, but I'm nowhere near Chicago. And I don't have $60 right now. The Metal Shaft is the last of Double's main items I need to secure.


no! don't tell him that! I wanted to buy them. after I finish paying you for our deal. and I have money again.

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