Kamen Rider Fourze vs Kamen Rider Double


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In response to HenshinSlayer's OOO vs. Wizard post, I decided to do one for the other 2 Riders of the Neo-Heisei era. So, here we go:

- Fourze has Cosmic Energy & Double has power from the earth.
- Fourze possesses switches & Double possesses flash drives
- Fourze fights Horoscopes & Zodiarts & Double fights Dopants

What are your opinions?

Fourze & Meteor vs Double & Accel

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Well, judging by the standards of the shows:

-Great concept
-loved the ideas of a Detective-motif
-really brought in a lot of feelings to the importance of partnership
-It also brings in a certain charisma and nostalgia to the original ideas of the Showa-era Riders like Black, RX, Ichi-gou and Ni-gou.
-Loved Accel's story, it really follows perfectly with V3's story.
-More importantly, Eternal's story was more reflective to Amazon's story, but in a different way because it was being more like the Star Wars prequels.

-The high-school motif was okay.
-Loved the ideas of connecting W's city and Amanogawa High School's background, especially since Foundation X is now a universal threat in the Riders' world.
-Great action in some of the episodes, and in the movie: Space, Here We Come!
-A lot of comebacks for some throwback Ishinomori characters.
-Plus, it really held on to its connection to the Riders' history as the actual 40th anniversary.

So, in other words, I like both of them.

Diend Decade

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-decent idea, didn't exploit the memories as much as it could
-hard-boil concept
-Eternal/Skull: felt they use the memories better than double did than the entire series.
-Sonozaki Family

- Tachibana
-Meteor: I find more likable than Accel
-it did go pretty far with the switch idea, even to the point where it does hamper some of it combat abilities.
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-Great cast
-Interisting villains
-original concept
-Great suit designs
-Accel is awesome and mostly everything about him as well done.


-It was funny.
-I liked the characters.
-Some of the horoscopes were pretty good.


It's a battle between the most overrated Kamen Rider and one of the most hated Kamen Riders.

Fairly obvious who the fans will pick.


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I think W is the better show as well as having the better design work and just all around. A lot of what is good about W has been gone into at length and I could probably spend a whole podcast talking about it (which Lynxara and I will at some point.)

Having said that though despite it's flaws there is a lot I enjoyed about Fourze. Not least of which was the character of Gentaro himself. I think doing a character whose entire thing is about friendship and having that in a kids show is inherently positive. Especially the ways and lengths Gentaro would always go through trying to understand another persons point of view. The idea that if you want friends, you need to be willing to be one. ..and part of doing that is putting yourself out there even when people may not understand you at first.

There's also the extent to which the show kind of feels like a classic 80's teen movie with a superhero in it (and Fourze's equipment has the 80's robot voice) was something I just personally found charming about it. The themes of youth even reminded me a little of Denji Sentai MegaRanger.

Fourze in many respects is not my ideal of a Rider show and it sure as hell ain't perfect. .. but for the most part I had fun with it, it definitely gave me a hero I wanted to cheer for and I developed an affection for the friends the made along the way. Like how Shun went from being Flash Thompson-san to always having Gentaro's back in a fight.

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I'll give it this, I've come to really love Genatro. I miss him now, when all I did was gripe while the show was on.


I voted both but i think Fourze is very underrated. Maybe its one of those shows to be better appreciated in the future.


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I love Double. It is my favorite toku ever. The stories are great, the characters are great, the suits are great, the acting is great. All around just great. OOO is my close second favorite, but that's for another thread.

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