[CASTING CALLS] Kamen Rider OOO: Medal Madness

May 16, 2006
Desire, the root of motivation, the core of all action. It is what leads to a person bettering themselves, to moving up in the world and making a better life for themselves. It is what spawns advancement and fuels invention. On the flipped side it is what makes people lie,cheat and steal to achieve those goals. It creates envy which breeds resentment which leads to destruction. Its a two sided coin which can easily go either way depending on the person that it exists within. For most it is simply a means to a goal, but for some it has been much more. One such person existed in ages past,a king whose desire was to become something more than human, to become a godlike being, immortal, powerful, able to create beings loyal to himself. To achieve that desire he gathered the greatest minds in his realm who utilized the alchemic arts to bring himself closer to his goals of becoming the perfect being by taking the greatest traits of many creatures throughout the animal kingdom and refining them into small coin like medals. Six sets of ten special medals were made called core medals each of which were innurably more powerful then the plain grey cell medals, each meant to embody a different trait. With those sets five beings were made with a the sixth set being sealed off due to their destructive nature. They were alive but possesed no will, no true life that is until a void was made in their existence. In each set one medal was destroyed thus making them into incomplete beings which truely gained life through desire, the desire to attain a complete existence once more. Being driven totally by their desires these beings became known as Greeed, possessing the power to create similar beings known as Yummy in order to create more cedals for themselves in an effort to fill the void left by the loss of their cores. They were allowed to run wild, going stronger all while being observed by the king until the fateful day where he seized the three strongest medals and integrated them into his own body, finally bringing him to his goal, becoming a Greeed like being himself before his own megalomania consumed him, reducing his body into a mass of medals. With the tyrant gone the people revolted against the greed using the materials left by the alchemists to force the Greeed back into medals and sealed within a stone tomb, using the kings method of harnessing the medal's powers ,a belt buckle which channeled the medla's power, to seal them within it, leaving it forgotten to the ages.

Centuries later the Greeed remain sealed away, existing as little more than a museum exhibit with onlookers obvlious to the mysterious powers locked within it. In this age desire has run rampant even moreso in the distant past, creatin an enviroment that the Greeed could easily thrive in were they free and at full power again. Behind the scenes shadowy figures are pulling strings setting up the pieces for something big. Soon the Greeed will walk the earth again, and to deal with this inhuman threat one particularly powerful game piece has been prepared, even if he isnt quite aware of it yet. A young man who has lost all drive and desire who cannot be so easily consumed by the medal's power. And in time other heroes will rise,backed by others who seek out the medals for their own purposes, all pieces on the big game board that has formed in the background of what is about to happen.


1. no godmoding our powerplaying without my permission

2. if you wont be able to post for a while have someone(other than me) cover for you

3. no noobs

4. pay attention to posts

5. I may or may not reserve spots depending on my mood.

6. Try not to leave people behind and dont rush the plot

7. Have fun


Kamen Rider OOO: A rider which uses the seal that once imprisoned the Greeed for eight centuries to harness the power of three Core Medals at a time.Due to drawing his powers from Core Medals he is viewed as a greater threat to the Greeed than the other riders that will eventually appear.

Kamen Rider Birth: A rider that will be made by the Kougami foundation which can run entirely on Cell Medals and collect them rather easily thanks to it's unique armaments.

Kamen Rider Fury: A rider which will be created by a group known as Genesis that will collaborate with the Kougami to create the Birth System, their payment was a set of purple core medals which they will then attempt to use to create their own OOO, how effective it shall be is yet to be seen. ((Note this rider is the PuToTyra combo made in to a separate rider))

Kamen Rider Poseidon: Unknown as of now

Incomplete beings seeking complete existence as well as their now many missing core medals. As beings of pure concentrated desire each as some main desire that they seek to fulfill in addition to revival and being complete.Each can assume a human form and require several core medals each to manifest their full power.
(Note Greeed will be playable when the rpg starts all unclaimed Greeed will be NPCs)

Uva: A Greeed which draws his power from the insect based green core medals and creates Insect based Yummy in order to generate Cell Medals.He creates Yummy by inserting a cell medal into a person and spawning incomplete Yummy which then proceed to feed off the object of the person's desire or fulfilling the host human's desire in a twisted fashion before molting and becoming complete Yummy.

Kazari: A Greeed that draws power from the yellow core medals which are based on feline beasts of various kinds. Kazari's Yummy are parasitic in nature, latching on to a host and fueling an addiction to their desire which they will feel a compulsion to fulfill even at the risk of their own lives before finally enveloping the host.

Gamel: A Greeed which draws power from the grey large animal based core medals. Unlike the others he creates Yummy from himself using his own desires.

Mezool: The only female Greeed who uses the blue core medals which draw their power from marine animals. Her Yummy manifest as a mass of eggs which grow as the host indulges their desire which hatch into complete yummy either one at a time or in a mass.

Ankh: The fifth Greeed which draws his power from the red core medals. No other information is available.


Greeeed: See above

Kougami Foundation: An organization headed by the incredibly eccentric and hammy Kousei Kougami that uses the facade as a company that makes vending machines that just happens to be fairly wealthy. In truth their operations seem to revolve around the Greeed and their medals, even devising a system of weapons and other various gadgets which use the medals which are placed strategically in the city where their headquarters is located. They are the owners of the museum which the Greeed Sarcophogus is on display. They say medals could be a next generation infinite energy source and have an interest in collecting them.

Genesis: A munitions company which co-developed the Medal System alongside the Kougami foundation and has access to it. It's higher ups are unknown but they seem to be interested in creating a line of medal based combat equipment and thus has an interest in collecting the medals.

Kousei Kougami: NPC
More will be added as they are made.

Uva: available
Kazari: available
Ankh: available
Mezool: available
Gamel: available

Kamen Rider OOO: Ray Lawrence/played by me
Kamen Rider Birth: available
Kamen Rider Fury: Available
Kamen Rider Poseidon: PM me for details

My bio:

Name: Ray Lawrence

Quote: "Just gotta keep on keeping on."

Age: 21


Designation: Kamen Rider OOO

Arsenal: Medaljabur, Candroids, OOO Driver, various Core Medals

Vehicles: Ridevendor

Bio: They say when you get kicked off the horse you just have to get back on and keep going. Some people just get kicked off the proverbial horse far too often and eventually just decide to say "Screw this crap", and Ray Lawrence is just that type of person. While by no means dumb or useless he has always had an issue of choking under pressure often causing him to fail when things would finally get serious. It was what caused him to get mediocre grades in school, caused him to barely squeak by in highschool, and ultimately epically fail in college, over and over again until he just decided to give up and resign himself to a life of mediocrity. It wasnt exactly easy at first but in time he became content with it just appreciating what he was able to get for himself through various little odd jobs rather than obsessing about the things he could have or might want. He lived a simple life of frozen food, just enough clothes to get him through the week in a place that was just big enough for him to live in. It wasnt paradise but it was all he really needed. He was surviving, and wasnt having to rely on his family to support him either. Would it have been nice to have more, of course but all things considered he didnt really believe he could get all that much more and just resolved to not let himself get all depressed about it. Some would claim it was a sad, pathetic and lonely way to live but he was just fine. His attitude didnt devolve into total doom and gloom and he was glad just to have anything at all, and didnt even ask for too much money when doing his various odd jobs for people, and he ended up developing some handy skills in the process. Being something of a handyman around the building he lived in most of the tenants ended up being rather fond of him and his landlord ended up giving him a few breaks on the rent when stuff was particularly tough for him. Overall it wasnt too bad, and Ray just ended up losing interest in trying to improve his quality of life because as far as he was concerned things were perfectly fine as is.

His life was practically devoid of surprises or changes, just a cycling routine that repeated over and over again. That is until there was a sudden knock on his apartment door one day, and on the other side was an shapely woman holding an iPad, a sight that was fairly unusual, even more unusual was what was on that screen: live streaing footage of the loud and over the top head of the Kougami foundation known as Kousei Kougami. In his typical eccentric and bombastic manner he said, or rather shouted, in rather humorous accented broken English that his company was in need of a man of his particular talents, enthusiastically offering him what was likely th first real job offer he ever had as well as a nicer place to live and even offering to cover the expenses involved with traveling to where this new job was. All he could really think of to say to this odd and rather enthusiastic offer was "Alright sure" and the next thing he knew he was being whisked off to Japan with the rest of his stuff, which pretty much just filled two boxes. He found whole thing pretty weird but he was never really the type to turn down a friendly gesture so he went with it.

When he arrived the job wasnt quite what he expected, he now worked in Kougami's museum but his position seemed to be mostly just be a glorified janitor or maintence guy. He was sure that there had to be at least a few thousand people that were already on this side of the ocean that could have filled his job. Still when asking Kougami about it all he said was that he was the perfect person for this job and that there was no one else who could properly do it. Ray of course didnt really get it but true to his nature he just went with it. He is totally unaware of the craziness he is about to get caught up in, but with one of the Greeed waking up and sneaking out early things are about to get really complicated really quickly.
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Aug 27, 2006
Name: Alicia Realian

Age: 26

Quote: "Someday, I will get my chance."


Designation: Kamen Rider Birth

Arsenal: Cell Medals, Birth Buster, Crane Arm, Shovel Arm, Breast Cannon, Caterpillar Leg, Drill Arm, Cutter Wing

Vehicle: RideVendor

Plot: Some say that the gods smile upon the little man that works hard to earn the desires of his heart. That is certainly an adage that a young woman named Alicia Realian believed in. Having been born in a poor family, Alicia lived most of her life with her father, since her mother gave her life in giving birth to her. Though her father had a good enough job as a clerk at a medical office, the income was only good enough to cover the basic necessities, such as food, a reasonably-priced apartment, and clothes from a thrift store. Like many children, however, Alicia had her own desires, such as small toys and candy. Naturally, she turned to her father with requests to buy whatever she desired. Instead of giving in or chastising her, however, Alicia's father instilled in her the value of hard work, and taught her to start a small business selling orange juice to neighborhood kids. As such, free time that Alicia could have used in the weekends for play or cartoon watching was instead spent preparing the batch of orange juice to sell to the people in her neighborhood. Seeing at such a young age how hard work netted her money to buy candy and small toys at the dollar stores, Alicia vowed to herself that she would work hard in school, fervently hoping that all that hard work would pay off someday.

Having grown up into a lovely young woman, Alicia finally graduated from high school, which was a momentous occasion for her. Being from a poor family, however, Alicia found that her father's income, as well as her own income working as a convenience store clerk, would not be enough to pay for tuition and fees, and scholarships were not exactly in reach, as she was not exceptional enough to earn one. Undeterred by the roadblocks she faced, Alicia enlisted into the military, placing her hopes on the stipend the military provides in sending soldiers to college. Alicia worked even harder in college, as she also had to work in becoming a good soldier. The earnest young woman would eventually graduate from college, and earn the rank of Private in the military. Wanting to continue to earn during peacetime, Alicia searched high and low for an opportunity in which she could apply her skills as a trained soldier, or in the corporate field, having earned a degree in economics. Much like her experiences before, she remained undeterred despite the rejections and no-calls she received from large corporations. Finally, she found a position being offered by the Kougami foundation for head of security. Having run out of options at that moment, Alicia went ahead and applied for the job, not at all scared by the fact that she did not know a single word of Japanese. Traveling to Japan to commence her job, Alicia was surprised to learn that her duties were more in line with being a personal assistant to Kougami, though she did get a chance to carry a pistol with her. Shaking off any feelings of disappointment, Alicia gave her best at her job while learning Japanese at the same time. Though she did succeed with earning her certification with the language,

Alicia would finally face her greatest challenge when the Greeed revived after years of slumber. Her battles with the Greeed using the only weapons she had at her disposal, which included shotguns and grenades, along with the RideVendor, would thoroughly test the pink-haired young woman's mettle, as the most common human weapons were seemingly no match for the Greeed. Despite that, Alicia was determined to break through and defeat the Greeed, though now she desires to have the power to destroy the Greeed. Due to her pride in being a person that bears dogged determination to succeed, she often clashes with Ray, who merely goes with the flow in his life. She especially finds the fact that Ray bears the power to destroy the Greeed severely insulting, as his powers seemingly fell unto his lap.
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Feb 18, 2006
Name: Kimiko “Kim†Saito

Quote: “Get over yourselfâ€

Age: 21


Designation: Kamen Rider Fury

Arsenal: Medagabryu, Candroids, and Fury Driver

Vehicles: Ridevendor

Bio: Within each of us there lays great potential marking out place within the world. Each path different from one another based on the individual’s action in life one thing links them together in the end. That undisputable factor we are able to adapt rising above the challenges of tomorrow. The voluptuous Kimiko’s viewpoint toward the world is an example of it to be true. Born into a homeless family did not have the comfort those often take for granted found her happiness simply being with her family. It was their love and trying effort to give their daughter an opportunity break the cycle by having an education did not desire what other children gushed over cherished drove Kimiko to excel. Reaching High School Kimiko decided to take on small side jobs to help pay the other half that the Homeless Foundation could not cover to one day move her family into a small apartment. A dream soon shattered losing both of her parents during an earthquake taking a heavy toll for the residents of Japan coast line.

Losing the only family she had left a devastating mark would have left a marking on Kimiko’s psyche if not for the fact wanting to honor them by breaking the cycle sought to finish what they had started. After completing her education enrolled into the police academy not only to protect the community but better serve the homeless. Though what Kimiko did anticipate while they were trained to serve the community and uphold the law found their idealistic view to the less fortunate highly askew. It appeared that their oath coveted only to the classes of low income families to the fat rich bureau turned a blind eye on what happens to the homeless. Disgusted by this fact Kimiko decided that her skills would be far greater asset as a mercenary. Depending on the clientele Kimiko’s fees varies upon the situation does not charges those who have shown a great interest helping the homeless community genuinely. Keeping portion of the profits towards her own living routes a greater majority to organizations’ focus providing to the homeless community not forgetting her roots.

After finishing a recent case Kimiko was approached by a representative of a munitions’ company known as Genesis interested in her skills. At first Kimiko did not like representative’s accounted history toward Genesis’s stock accepted the job based on the salary figured offered. Remembering the story about the Greed told to her as a small child Kimiko was surprised to know that the tales were in fact true. And the task given gathers the medals from the Greeeed that have now reawakened and co-developer the Kougami Foundation. With that type of salary Kimiko was pleased that the undermined foundations for battered and homeless families will get the need assist did not mind not knowing the faces behind the benefactors’ desired secrecy owning them gratitude for the position. What Kimiko cannot stand is those who barely have anything to their name not appreciate what they have already made her furious that they are so damn arrogant.