Kamen Rider OOO (Pokemon version)

If there's a pokemon version of OOO, some trainer would become that rider and who I'll see in the pokemon world of OOO is Mewtwo being "Ankh".

What about combos & Greeed deriving from....

- fire
- water
- grass
- electric
- psychic
- normal
- flying
- ground
- rock
- poison
- ghost
- bug
- fighting
- ice
- dragon
- steel
- dark
- fairy


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Mewtwo being "Ankh".

Not sure I fully understand the premise of this topic, but I'll have to disagree with you right there. Mewtwo is NOTHING like Ankh. They aren't even the same color scheme, let alone the same type.

If we're matching Core Medals with Pokemon, then I'll go with...

TaJaDor = Moltres/Ho-Oh/Talonflame.

Matches the bird and fire theme. But if we're matching Pokemon with Greeed characters, then...

I'd say Ho-Oh would make a good Ankh. Same color scheme, both are fire types, and Ho-Oh doesn't have any major personality traits other than he's a rare legendary Pokemon. That's as close to being similar to Ankh as you're gonna get, I think.
The pokemon OOO combos don't have to match OOO's combos.

This is about combos based on elemental type combos not animal types.

In his main form its the starter pokemon from fire to grass.
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