Apr 13, 2014
One more thing to point out is that Kamen Rider Decade still had an interesting number of characters that returned:

Agito, Kiva, Dark Kiva, Black/RX, Blade, Almost all cast of Den-O, Todoroki, Zanki, Kickhopper, Punchhopper, Kaixa, Ouja, Joker, Cyclone

And more if i can remember
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Nov 1, 2006
The second half of Decade, after the original writer leaves the show, is filled with actor cameos, although there's still some recasting.

Chou Den-O's cast all appear as they are in Decade. Kabuto is a complete recast like the other ones though. Hibiki's cast only replaced Hibiki and Asumu, but AU Todoroki, AU Zanki, AU Ibuki and AU Akira all had their original actors. Ouja's actor also returns for an in-suit cameo.

Otoya's actor returns for Nega Otoya. All the Missing Ace Riders return for their counterparts from the Diend World. The Shinkenger episodes obviously had the actual Shinkenger cast. Kotaro is the only returning actor for the Black/Black RX episodes, but they also didn't recast anyone else (Joe the Haze is mentioned in dialogue several times, not never appears on screen). Amazon's was basically the only late world that followed the whole "recast and rewrite everyone" pattern of the earlier worlds. Then, the finale has Kenzaki and Wataru returning as Blade and Kiva.

The first half only had a few though. Wataru in the first episode (and he doesn't even transform there), Kick and Punch Hopper's in suit cameos, Kaixa's in suit cameo and Spider Fangire.

The movies also were closer to the first half than the second half of the show in that sense. All Riders vs Dai-Shocker had Black/Black RX's and Agito's actors appearing out of suit, but only for a scene near the ending. Black/Black RX only appears in suit throughout the movie, and has no actual dialogue aside from catchphrases before the out of suit scene. Agito basically only got a few seconds focusing on suit action before his out of suit appearance at the end. There was also the in suit cameo of Kick Hopper and Ouja, but they were very short too, although they did get actual dialogue. Jark's VA also was his original one.

Movie Wars 2010 only had Wataru's actor appearing but just for exposition, not transforming as Kiva, and Kenzaki's actor for a completely pointless in suit cameo where he doesn't even say a full sentence.