1. H

    If Kamen Rider Blade had an extra season....?

    Since Black & Black RX, if there was an extra series for Kamen Rider Blade, how would you see that happen? I can imagine 4 new riders as the next generation. Amane will be one of them as the "hearts". The four original riders will get back together joining the new four. Only this time, the new...
  2. M

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider Garren Rouzer DX

    Anyone interested in selling me one, feel free to pm me with your price. I would be even more interested if you had preserved the box as well, but oh well... :)
  3. X

    (REQUEST) Kamen rider blade card scans (for Chalice rouzer)

    Can anybody find me some scans of cards for the "kamen rider chalice dx rouzer"???? please post as much as possible, also, if possible, can someone post ALL of the cards for chalice? i know this is old, but i recently found my belt and i lost all of my cards....
  4. Pactagon

    Looking For Rouze Card Scans

    I recently got a Garren Rouzer via Rider Proxy (hasn't arrived yet) but it only comes with 9 of the original 12 rouze cards, and I'm pretty sure some of them are the cards not from the series. I tried looking at the Kamen Rider wiki but those scans were from the Rouze Archive Collection, which...
  5. Hikari0307

    Kamen Rider Blade Rouse Cards Archives

    If anybody has this set for sale or know any place selling it, can you guys please help me out, looked all over the place for them >_< Oh and I'm located in Australia.
  6. LaZerwolfX

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider Blade Rouze/Rouse Cards

    Soooooo i've been watching Kamen Rider Blade and i'm wondering if theres anyone out there who is planning on buying the new Blade card set who might be willing to sell their old set. I'm not really looking for all of the fancy special cards (the gold spade cards, the sparkly spade cards, any...
  7. zeronxepher

    [1080p] DX Blay Buckle Demo - Kamen Rider Blade

    Demonstration video of the DX Blay Buckle from Kamen Rider BUREIDO! [1080p] DX Blay Buckle Demo - Kamen Rider Blade Note: Best viewed in HD
  8. firestarter1331

    SIC Kiwami Tamashii Blade

    YouTube - Toy Review: SIC Kiwami Tamashii Blade
  9. Kevthepanda

    S.I.C. Kiwami - Blade King Form

    S.I.C. Kiwami is a 4†action figure line based on the design of the original Super Imaginative Chogokin series. The line first made its debut in early 2009 with Kamen Rider Hibiki, and has since been providing collectors with an economic alternative to the more costly original S.I.C. figures...