HJU Member Claim Thread!!


My belts talk.
Claim your favourite HJU member!! Rules are:

- Only 1 member can be claimed.
- If you're uncomfortable with being claimed, you suck, but feel free to tell me and I'll remove them claim.
- If you want to change your claim, post in the thread.
- When claiming, type out the name of the user in full so I can just copy/paste it, 'cause I'm a lazy twat.

EDEET: If you claim yourself, I will use my magical editing powers to create new friendships!!

SINCE IT'S MY THREAD, I claim Kalle.

Tiger claims Kalle, B Samurai and Blazing Tiger.
FuuNoKami_Oka claims Angelicnoir.
nerefir claims nerefir. (That's diiiirty)
Kalle claims Tiger.
ChaosApprentice claims KingRanger.
heroizumi doesn't want to be on my creeper list. :c
Undrave claims ?!!1//1/!"?"!?£!/2rW.
Kivat claims lazycoconut and half of Ragna D Bloodedge.
Dark Heart claims Keith Justice.
Smile claims Dami-chan.
Kenori claims FangireQueen.
musashi03 claims Igadevil.
White-Knight claims JFC.
GekiBlack claims Mach_Full_Force.
lazycoconut claims waterballoon.
KAGEKI claims Forever Knight. (God knows why.)
KamenRiderDamian claims Mr.Yellow.
daftBLUE claims TJOmega.
Kaji Motomiya claims The_Emperor.
Murasaki_Kaze claims Kivat.
hmf_master claims Jacky392000.
yellow-chan claims Basri RX.
CPS claims Sentinel King.
MaraJade claims Aoi Kurenai.
MetalSymphony claims yellow-chan.
dchoc claims Kura.
Zander Yurami claims Undrave.
Immortal of Justice claims Bolt.
Geki night isn't allowed to have Geki night.
Kura claims Algo.Fonix.
KamenRiderZheneraru claims musashi03 (and his perfect kind of muscles).
GekiDan claims DecaEnd.
Darkster claims KouAidou.
Blazing Tiger claims Darkster.
Aoiblue claims Kaenwhateverthefucktherestofhisnameis.
Kaenwhateverthefucktherestofhisnameis claims Aoiblue.
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OKAY FINE~ just hope my boyfriend doesn't see this and get the wrong idea lmao.


My belts talk.
YOU GUYS RUIN EVERYTHING AND I HATE YOU ALL. Apart from Kalle, you're fucking awesome. <3 THANNNNKS.


My belts talk.
If you claim yourself, I will use my magical editing powers to create new friendships!!


Some kind of Beast mode
lmao I actually thought of this the other day...didn't think it would be a reality. lol

I want Lazycoco! I know no one else would claim her...lol