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  • :C I heard about your cat, Tiger and I'm so sorry.. I hope things go well <3 ;__;
    Hi there. How are you doing? I am doing fine. I hope you will join my stuff on here.
    I am working on Brand New RPG Project. It's underneath the RPG Justice on here.
    I might have found someone from the UK actually. :3 We NEED to do a test tonight, and decide on a time for Sunday.
    Not really, I could probably ask FQ if she's free or Forever Red, he's usually online and we get along pretty good.
    Okay, yeah!
    We might need to get guests just for now until we find UK people willing to take part.
    Yeah! We need to find other people who'd like to take part too! I might find some time tonight to get on skype, so I might invite you to a voice chat then. :3
    How does this Sunday sound? I'd usually do it on a Saturday, but this Saturday is New Years day, and I already have a few bits to do during that day. I haven't had a reply from Masked, so we might need to recruit some US guests for the first show.

    Things I think we should discuss:-

    How we got into Toku
    Toku Pet Peeves
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