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  • I'm afraid the boys forfeited some of their "freedoms" for the protection of a loving home.

    It's all in the contract.
    If you're planning on selling them, I'm afraid I can't let you adopt them. A social services issue, you understand.

    A social worker would be stopping by your house periodically to check on them and seeing how they adapt to their environment and making sure that the place is secure from fangirls and the like. It's all part of the contract that we have. *drops 1,000 page contract on the table*

    I'd look through all of the regulation specifics carefully before deciding to adopt.
    Well, they can be quite pricey. For good reason though because they *ARE* a hot commodity and plus the payment goes into automatic enrollment into an insurance and protection plan both for the boys and your house just as a fangirl precaution. Gotta consider their health and safety you know.

    Chiaki would probably be about $25 million and Takeru is probably about fair for $27 million. Takeru being the leader and a hot item for the Gedoushuu will of course be much more pricey. Chiaki though is a bit more ad hoc with his talents, but very intelligent and sought after by young women for his appearance and straight teeth. He's definitely got some talents as well that could rival Takeru's or even arguably trump him, so that's why the price. Both together would probably be around $50 mil. A $5 mil discount isn't too shabby. We have Ryuunosuke too, but the fee is cheaper just because he's sure to cause you some psychological problems with his ranting, so he goes for the super low price of $15 million.
    yo bro! what's goin with u lately? and do you happen to know where taku's at right now? is he busy with school or somethin? cuz i haven't seen him in such a long time!
    You know, if I'd said it out loud, I probably would have gotten it.... :laugh:

    As it was, I just looked at it and did this > :eyebrow:
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