Gundam to go woke with G-Witch

Captain Shark

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Gundam: Witch From Mercury got revealed and it looks like Sunrise wants to go broke.

As long as it's better than Iron Blooded Orphans I really don't care. Modern Sunrise tries too hard to make things either too adult or too political ever since Code Geass, causing a drop of quality in sales.

Dr Kain

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lol Imagine not being able to take a joke.

With you, it's hard to take a joke since you're all serious all of the time. Plus, there are many posts on Twitter and stuff with people upset the next Gundam series is going to have a female protagonist even though it is nothing new for the franchise. I mean, Gundam is the whole reason Hentai exists.

Captain Shark

An ocean of depression and misery
I joked about this being woke, but the plot synopsis sounds like it's capitalist based feudalism.

Well as long as a competent writer is at the helm this should be-

>Ichiro Okouchi

Hype dead. I mean I'll see it anyway, but this is the guy that made Valvrave tank and that had a staff full of mecha anime veterans. I am hoping it's at least better than the disaster that tainted the franchise in 2015, but now asking for something higher than a 2/10 is going to be a taller order. Bandai isn't getting my money.