Favourite "non-suit" Sentai Villains

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My own experience on forums seems to suggest that Sentai fans tend to have a preference for villains portrayed by an actor whose face you can see and who can give a performance, rather than having a suit actor completely covered by a costume and with a seperate voice actor. In other words, we prefer our Prince Juniors over our Daimaous, our Enters over our Messiahs, and so on. There have been a lot of these "face" villains over the years. Queen Hedrian, Thief Knight Kiros, Count Radiguet, Shadam, Denus/Venus, Juzo and many many others.

There's also been a few "evil ranger" types, but they have this habit of turning good. Let's ignore them for now, otherwise we'll no doubt just end up debating whether they were really villains or not ad nauseam.

Simple question: who is your favourite "non-suit" Sentai villain?

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The above-pictured Doctor trio (plus Ashura) from Liveman are certainly among the best. Lee Keflen form Flashman is also good, and of course any of Machiko Soga's roles are fun.


Character-wise I would say Gaja from Boukenger. I like his funny raspy voice, which makes him sound rather adorable, while still looking villainous.

Actor-wise it would be Yutaka Hirose's Emperor Tranza from Jetman, and he was also Jin Matoba in Dairanger, both really awesome and well-acted characters.


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I kinda miss Nigh & Mare from MagiRanger...

Also, I'm willing to bet ANYTHING the late Machiko Soga did was awesome. Even her role as Magiel was awesome! ...Okay, she wasn't a villain in that, but she didn't exactly leap at the chance to help the MagiRangers either.

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