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Maybe it's just in my head, but it seems to me that we rarely seem to talk about the series finales that we enjoyed. Maybe it's because with Rider and Sentai the final episode is now rarely the heroes' final appearance? Whatever the cause, it seems that all too often we only talk about finales when we didn't like them or when they were controversial. But they're out there - the grand triumphs, the vanquishing of great evils, the culmination of heroes' long journeys. What are your favourite toku series finales?


My personal favorite toku finale is Mahou Sentai Magiranger's finale, because in what other show do the legions of hell become reformed by being exposed to the goodness of our heroes without anyone even meaning to do so? No other show, only Magiranger, because Magiranger is that amazing.


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Favorite "finale?" Probably OOO, mostly because of Ankh and Eiji's dynamic coming to a close and Ankh's sendoff.

Also, while it might not really count, but I REALLY liked the last scene in Agito (though, that's coming from someone who has not yet finished Kuuga).
I knew going in that Shoichi, who I had really grown to like, was going to die, but then he showed up in the epilogue.
I seriously shed tears of joy when I saw that (not a statement I make lightly).

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CarRanger's ending was hands down one of the most satisfying Sentai endings ever.

Blade's ending.

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