1. TokuPrime


    Well this was a surprise! We don't normally get Sentai trademark news until at least late September, but the trademark bot has never been wrong before, so here we go! Toei have made an application for Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger. Expect to (maybe?) see lots of explosions in 2024, but (as always)...
  2. Toku Prime


    Deep below the ground, an ancient and terrible creature slumbers. Only the most powerful of psychics can pierce the veils of it's mind to see the secrets within. But when the trademark bot stirs, it reveals a glimpse of the future to it's most fervent disciples. You know the deal by now. We...
  3. Toku Prime


    The trademark bot on twitter has come through again. Toei has filed an application for "Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger". Don't expect any more details until at least December though. According to folks on twitter who can read Japanese, the "kikai" does not simply mean "machine" (as in Kikaider) but...
  4. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 01

    Your head will explode if you ever meet the ToQgers This week: We properly meet our red and he's one of the most spaced-out ever, he "proves himself" by having the drawing skills of someone a third his age, apparently the other four had no idea that their kit was all powered by IMAGINATION...
  5. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager,, Episode ZERO

    This seems like the most appropriate image, given that I'm posting this on International Womens' Day For the first time ever, we begin a Sentai with a movie! I suppose it was the logical extension to all those sneak-preview scenes in previous crossover films. So...a king is eaten alive by...
  6. T

    Hurricanger Mandarin OP

  7. Mirakodus921

    Are there any other Ranger action figure lines other than Legacy and SHF?

    Hi guys. So I've been looking up on the internet for Sentai/PR action figures for sale and I've only be able to find Bandai America 4-5 inch figures and Figuarts. 4-5 inch figs are too small and simple, while the Figuarts are lovely but too expensive for my liking. Whereas Kamen Riders have...
  8. A

    Red Chrome DX Dekaranger Robo Info?

    Hey all, Recently I purchased a DX Dekaranger Robo from a website and upon arrival, I was greeted with this: At first, I thought I was sent a bootleg or something, but upon further inspection, the toy felt of genuine Bandai of Japan quality and the electronics were functioning as they are...
  9. 3

    [BUYING] WTB Sentai Morphers

    Hi guys, I recently started collecting morphers and would like to find out if anyone is selling the below mentioned sentai morphers: Dino Commander Doron Changer Gourai Changer do let me know if you are keen to sell. I am currently residing in Singapore. Do PM me if you are interested to sell...
  10. Toku Prime

    Sentai sales figures since 1991

    I've just seen this circulating around on twitter and thought it makes for somewhat interesting reading for those of us who care about how the toy sales affect the franchise. Listed below are the sales totals for each Sentai series since Jetman (I guess that's the furthest back that could be...
  11. Toku Prime

    Favourites from Four Decades of Sentai

    This year saw the 40th anniversary of Goranger's first episode and we're about 6 months away from seeing the 40th series in the franchise, and I've recently been thinking about which is my favourite out of each of those ten year series periods. So I thought I'd ask now while it was on my mind -...
  12. Toku Prime

    Favourite "non-suit" Sentai Villains

    My own experience on forums seems to suggest that Sentai fans tend to have a preference for villains portrayed by an actor whose face you can see and who can give a performance, rather than having a suit actor completely covered by a costume and with a seperate voice actor. In other words, we...
  13. K

    How to make a good toei tokusatsu show without being treated as a TOY commercial!

    Alternate title :How to make the best kamen rider/super sentai shows without being treated as toy commercials! After discussing about why toei use silly items as themes for every neo heisei kamen rider series? In this thread...
  14. Toku Prime

    MarzGurl - Seeing Sentai

    So anybody who's into the channel awesome / tgwtg group of internet reviewers will probably be at least a little aware of Kaylyn Dicksion, better known as MarzGurl, a reviewer of all things animated from the works of Don Bluth through to anime. She's now started a new project called 'Seeing...
  15. SquidKing

    For those who saw Nininjer today:

    That was a pretty damned good show, right? I'm not just rose-coloring because there's no trains now (Okay, one train, but it's a serious improvement to me)?
  16. M

    Cyber Sentai Kikaiger

    Feedback wanted please. -Cyber Sentai Kikaiger- Synopsis- The mighty force of nature Devil Eden has crawled out of the depths of the planet to punish humanity for polluting the Earth, bringing them with them the terrible and monstrous Treglants grown from Negative Seeds. All weapons prove...
  17. K

    Something for future superhero taisen films

    You know with the 2015 superhero taisen film called Superhero taisen GP which focuses on three kamen riders with their vehicle as car -Drive,Black RX and a forgotten kamen rider created by ishinomori from his short story (before V3 appeared) called "Rider #3 vs. Black Shogun" called Kamen...
  18. Toku Prime

    Ressha Sentai ToQger Ep 32 "Determination"

    A better thread creator would have found the proper TV Guide style summary. A better thread creator would know if the above screen-cap was even from this episode or the previous one. I am not a better thread creator. :shakefist Having said that, this episode finally comes to the confirmation...
  19. D

    [SELLING] Super Sentai/Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Pin Badge Buttons

    I got these 1.75" pin badges, brand new, I made a few of them and realized that I only need one :shakefist. So I'm selling it for $3 (shipping included) for anyone wants it. U.S. only. XD Paypal preferred:coolshades::castlerock: -Just a cute and affordable thing to stick on your backpack...
  20. DannyBoy

    Question: Does Marvel still hold any copyright on Super Sentai?

    We know Marvel still owns the Toei-produced Spider-Man show since they have episodes available on their website and the fact that Spider-Man is their character. But does Marvel still own anything on the other shows they co-produced with Toei, the Super Sentai series Battle Fever J and...