Fav Toku opening


Which do you think was the best opening episode for a series

i thought Kugga and Fourze were good openings for a series can't really think of one for Sentai, Gokaigers and Liveman wern't too bad


Hm, for the Ultras I can't say since I haven't seen many honestly, neither have I seen that many sentais. But for Riders, Kuuga wins it for me hands down. Agito's song was awesome, but geez was the opening boring beyond the starting part.

Ryuki's 2nd for me. I really loved what they did with Ryuki's posing part when the sparks started coming from around the mirrors. The end of the opening was awesome too, Ryuki walking down the road with the Dragon following him.

Faiz and Fourze as 3rd, I can't pick which.
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbcj24RcyJA"]Super Robot Red Baron: Opening - YouTube[/ame]

Oh God, this one. By far. This makes my dick ROCK HARD.


decade... its grand... too bad it didn't really lived up to it... i was really on the edge of my seat during the first episode.... really like when tsukasa fell with half of each riders face appearing on his, kinda liked he has the burden of being those riders..

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Hibiki's first and Kuuga's second. (though I never liked the song too much, I love what they did for the new sequence in Kuuga)


That one guy, yeah.
I like the Kiva opening. Break the Chain is great in my opinion. I still watch just the opening cause I love the song so much! :sweat:


Best first episode? I'm going to go with Kamen Rider Black. I liked how they began not with Kotaro's kidnapping or escape, but with him running wildly through the streets of Tokyo, trying to escape the Gorgom priests. Great in media res beginning.

My favorite opening song, though, is Savior in the Dark from Garo.


^ The Garo themes are just awesome. Both of 'em. At least for me. The first one felt unique, and made really good powerup music. The second was well, plain awesome.

For Ultraman, I really like the first Nexus OP, as I've said. But Mebius was pretty good too. And Tiga, "Take Me Higher" is one of the most unforgettable TV show openings ever. And that's for all kinds of TV shows, not just toku.


Tiga's first opening was so cool. It was like they tried to re-create the style of the first Ultraman opening while giving it a more updated look.
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Zp5XfqaOs"]????????? OP (HD) - TAKE ME HIGHER - YouTube[/ame]

Ultra seizure FTW! :laugh:


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Rider: I like most of the Heisei openings.
Decade's was pretty cool, but my favourites are Blade's two openings.

Sentai: Most are pretty catchy. I like playing Goseiger on the taiko no tatsujin machine.

AS for Ultras, I really liked Mebius' opening