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So after having yet ANOTHER clip show, the final two episodes came and went. I do like that we got an insight into Sphere since Dyna did nothing of the sort, but overall, they were meh villains. However, the worst was Agams, who was as poorly written as he was poorly implemented. Just a terrible character from start to finish who amounted to really nothing.

While the smaller cast did help compared to Trigger, I still found myself not caring about them all that much. They could have been worse though because at least these dudes each got an episode of development. I don't get why they had Kengo in the finale though when he was useless.

Overall, I can't say I will miss this show one bit, but it was an improvement over Trigger, which is on the bottom of the tier list with the likes or R/B and GInga's first season.

I think my favorite episode is the father/daughter one followed by the Ragon episode.


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Personally I wasn't a fan of them changing the Spheres. Maybe if they'd come up with something cool it would have been worth it, but it turns out they're just Borg rip-offs who want to assimilate everyone into their collective. I kinda wish they'd left them as the unknowable force of nature that they had been up to this point

The captain, vice captain and the female lead all seemed like more charismatic actors than Tsuburaya can normally hire, which makes it more the shame that they don't get anything particularly substantial to do.

Agams is a secondary villain architype that has been done a million times in more interesting ways. I'd have understood his more human focus if they had not then tried to personify the spheres, or even if it was a way to dig further into the origins of Decker than they ended up doing. Is Decker an Ultra from the future, like Ginga, or is it merely a power that changes Kanata, like the R/B/G trio? I still don't really know.

It had some moments, and it felt a bit more focussed than Trigger. But I can't say it compare to the likes of Dyna or more recent shows like Z.

Anyway, onwards to Blazer, I guess?

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I think I might like it better because one of my friends brought up the sybolism it could be about the Japanese mindset of everything is for the village rather than the individual vs free thought for every person.

I agree with everything else though.

At this point, I'm only watching the show as it airs due to it being legally available and with a limited time frame to watch it. If it weren't for that, I would have dropped it early on and watched something better instead (like Love After World Domination, which got lost in the shuffle after 3 episodes).

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