[DISCUSSION] Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 09

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No, I will not pull your finger.​

This week: A HumaGear staring contest, a debate about remotely shutting down HumaGears that raises more potential plot holes than it answers, some extremely large evidence that Zaia has been stealing Hiden's intellectual property, apparently Fuwa was given so little anesthetic that he wakes up as they're wheeling him out of the operating room, Yua's leaking information about little Assassin-chan, and Fuwa enjoys a stunning vista of an apocalyptic hellhole while he recuperates.

Reminder: Rider is taking a one-week break and episode 10 airs on Sunday 10th November


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I’m short on words for this episode, folks.

It’s cool that Aruto/Zero-One managed to find a way to save the day despite being stuck between two hard decisions. But outside of the story, there are things about this episode I didn’t care for. The final battle was very CGI heavy, and I could have used less of that. Hopefully, like all other giant robots in Kamen Rider, it won’t become a big focus.

I'm also surprised they are choosing now to challenge Fuwa’s views on HumaGears. I would have sworn this show would drag it out even longer than that. Heck, when Fuwa awakened, I half expected him to go into an angry rant about being operated on by a HumaGear instead of a human doctor. Maybe future episodes will still find a way to keep the story’s momentum without making this feel like a copout.


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I'm more surprised that it looks like Fuwa is going to be the only one who thinks Aruto funny.

Lame observation aside, Fuwa, at least in the subs I watched, said he still hates Humagears. But now he has two memories, one where he's attacked by them and one where one saved his life.I don't think he's going to be al "rah rah Humagears" from now on. That hatred is still there, but now he has a more specific target for that hate. So, if they do it right, this could start the evolution of his character.

On a side not I'm wondering this ep is where Izu starts to get her own singularity. She's staarting to ask herse;f question that, to me at least, seem that's going to happen at some point before the show is over.