Dinosaurs Go LEGO with LEGO Jurassic World

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I love the movie Jurasic World but have not really been into Legos much. Now that the Lego craze is going on I'd feel like trying out more of their games I think I have only played Star Wars Legos which was pretty good. Hope, if I do get to play this one it will be as good or better. It will be cool seeing Dinosaurs as Lego figurings.
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I liked the Star Wars Legos games but I was never interested in any other because the Bat Man one was pretty boring and that kind of made me lose interest on the rest. I might try this one out, though because I do like Jurassic Park and I'm curious about how this will be implemented.


My kids love both Lego and dinosaurs, so this is an absolute must for them. Curious that when I am reading these news I think more about my kids than myself haha, I guess they are my extension. At the same time, I might be interested in playing this too... :)