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Normally we hear about anime acquisitions when the anime is already done, but today Crunchtyroll announced they’ve landed the global rights to an anticipated anime movie that won’t be released in Japan for at least six months. Why would they strike so early on this one? Because it’s the next movie from Makoto Shinkai, director of Japan’s biggest hit film to date, “Your Name.” After that film and Weathering Eith You, his next feature will be called Suzume no Tojimari.
It’s difficult to tell at this point what Suzume no Tojimari is about, but the description sounds pretty trippy: the title character, Suzume, is a survivor of some unspecified disaster that has left her Japanese town in ruins. She doesn’t know what caused it until the day she finds a single, battered door standing upright in the middle of a pile of debris — like the disaster somehow missed it. Turns out doors like this are popping up all over , and they might have something to do with the disaster in the first...

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