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One of the most anticipated anime of 2022 is Chainsaw Man, the long-awaited adaption of the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Crunchyroll announced this morning it will be distributing the anime in the US when it begins airing. It may not sound like much of a surprise that it’d be Crunchyroll (who else is it going to be at this point, you might remark)…but don’t forget Netflix and Amazon are roaming around looking for anime they can poach for their own libraries. If it can happen to JoJo, it can happen to anyone.
The name “Chainsaw Man” implies a certain kind of shameless hyper-violence, and that’s what you get. It takes place in a dark world where creatures known as Devils are spawned from the collective fears and negative thoughts of humanity. Someone’s gotta hunt them, and that guy was fearless teenager Denji — until he died. Oh, no, wait, he’s back again, thanks to merging with his pet Devil Pochita to transform into the powerful Chainsaw Man.
“With dark humor, dynamic characters and...

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Froggy Afternoon
One of the best Mangas I ever read! I hope this is a simuldub! I love watching shows in two different dubs for a more dynamic experience.