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Clickbait Pandemic is an Anomaly happening on YouTube right now. YouTube hasn’t solved their Elsagate problem yet, but here is another hindrance to making this place feel safe.
These YouTube channels are preying on Geeks who just want to watch a trailer of an upcoming movie from big franchises like Marvel and DC. They also scam fans of canceled TV shows that there will be a new Season. They can do these fake trailers by using the previous movies of actors of upcoming films and editing them with footage from unrelated movies to make these fake trailers.
I don’t mind fake trailers if they are nothing but fan concepts, but these fake trailers are clearly clickbaiting people. The most annoying part is that these channels even got verified by YouTube.
Screen Culture, an Indian channel, is one of the most likely suspects. So many people got duped into thinking this Indian clickbait channel was authentic...

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Fake movie trailers are raking in thousands of dollars a month for the entertainment industry. As long as people continue to fall for his clickbait, he will continue to be successful. It's time to ban screen culture! Report him!

LOL Rise of Morgan Stark? Not gonna happen with Ironheart around.


Looks can be deceiving
In spite of the creative editing, I've come to associate Screen Culture with "clickbait" because of their use of the word "official" in their titles and descriptions, despite the fact that their trailers aren't even legitimate. I fell for their tricks so many times. I wish there is a way to block channels from appearing from the search results.
They click bait because no one will click their videos if they say "concept trailer" or "Fan Trailer" they find a way to cheat the system.


I guess Youtube let it go for some time until it didn't go in public. Until that, Youtube and content fars earned a lot of money. I hope movie companys can sue Yotube.


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When Miss Marvel was airing, I always get tricked by this channel's fake episode trailers. I fell for it I lost count. I wish there is a way to block channels from search results.