Actors Justin Briner and Clifford Chapin Talk “My Hero Academia” Season 5, Dubbing During a Pandemic

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Apr 7, 2012
With its mix of superhero action and wide diversity of relatable and / or quirky young characters (no pun intended), My Hero Academia is unquestionably one of the most high-profile anime series running today. This spring the show is back for a fifth season, one poised to profile the development of its young heroes against the backdrop of new adult “top heroes” working to protect society and fill the wide gap left empty by the retirement of paragon superhero All-Might. In advance of the season’s English dub premiere PopGeeks was privileged to interview the voice actors of the show’s leading young characters, Justin Briner (“Deku” / Izuku Midoriya) and Clifford Chapin (Bakugo), to discuss the upcoming season and the dubbing process in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The fifth season of My Hero Academia began its simulcast with English subtitles on March 27, 2021 and the English “simuldub” premiered on Saturday, April 10 on the FunimationNow streaming service. New episodes of...

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