What are the 5 most successful Box office movies in the theaters at this moment during the Pandemic?

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Right now we are in the middle of a pandemic that had changed the world as we know it. In some Lucky countries like New Zealand, the chaos is over but in the case of most of us, the situation is getting worst. Despite the dangers of this virus that has been torturing us since February, Some Theaters remained open and some people still watch movies on theaters. Many of the Big budget mainstream movies had been delayed from getting a showing from theaters in hopes to release the movies after the Pandemic

Some theaters show reruns of older box office movies that were released in the last 5 years while others are small budget independent movies and movies that are originally going to be for either streaming or home media release but got released on theaters instead. . This opportunity was seen by Independent and small movie productions to release their movies in theaters since they don't have much to lose due to their small budget. Some can make even due to the low funding the movie have while others did not make money and flopped on the box office but still managed to reach the movie charts due to the limited choices.

Are these movies worth risking your life for?

Let's check the top 5 Box office movies in the middle of a Global COVID 19 outbreak.


This movie stars some very familiar actors like Marisa Tomei, Liev Schreiber, Peter Sarsgaard. It is also the debut movie of Maya Hawke who is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. The film is based on an acclaimed novel of the same name. The movie was directed by Marc Myers and produced by Vertical Entertainment and it currently earned $6,596 in the box office. The movie is about 2 families whose teenage son and daughter started dating. An accident will change their lives forever. The movie currently has 68% reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.

4. Followed

The cast of this horror movie is mostly unknown and half of the scenes are filmed via PC webcam and Phone camera because this movie is a Youtube Vlog gone wrong. Inspired from the Elevator game Urban legend and the real-life death of Elisa Lam. This is a horror film that centers around Social media platforms and technology. It currently earned $527,529 in the Box office.

3. Archive
Though this movie earned $139,593 at this moment it is top three because it's daily earnings is currently bigger than the movies earlier and it has been in theaters for fewer days. This Sci-fi movie stars Theo James and Rhona Mitra. A man decided to build a robot to resurrect his late wife. This movie has 71% Rotten tomatoes reviews and has comparisons with Deus Ex Machina but with a more romantic tone. I believe this movie would have been a great hit if there was no pandemic.

2. The wretched
One of the movies on this countdown that have a Global release. This ___ flick is about a Teenage boy who is caught up in the middle of his parent's divorce who thought his life will never get much more worst but it only got worse because he has to face off against a Thousand-year-old Witch. The movie earned $2,455,550 in the box office and it has a 74% positive reviews from Rotten tomatoes. Just like the Archive, this movie was released in the wrong place and wrong time because this could have made a lot of money if we are not in the current situation.

1.The Relic


A horror movie that centers around the fears around Dementia and aging. Three generation women, A Grandmother, A Mother, and a daughter from one family will experience paranormal manifestations of Dementia. It currently earned $940,924 in the box office but it is the most-watched movie up to this week. It has a 94% positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes. It stars Emily Mortimer
Robyn Nevin and Bella Heathcote. Based on the trailer alone this movie have a lot of potentials and I am not shocked why it is leading at this moment. In a different timeline somewhere this could have slain the box office while making money.