Cellphone ringtones.


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I don't know if there was a thread like this before.
Anyway I was curious about the ringtones you use and the ones you'd like to have in your cellphone.
I have the Sword Form calling tone, I'm eagerly waiting for a rip of the Zeronos tone, my favourite.
So, how about you?


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If I remember correctly, I have the following tones on my cellphone.


-The chorus from the song "Full Force"
-The Faiz ringtone (As heard on the show)
-The Kaixa ringtone

Video Games:
-Final Fantasy battle theme
-Storm Eagle's stage music from Mega Man X
-Top Man's stage music from Mega Man 3 (Currently using this one)
-The Zelda theme (Link to the Past version)
-Zero's intro theme (From Mega Man Zero)
-X-Hunter stage music from Mega Man X2
-x/Zero battle music from Mega Man X2

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UltramanTaro.mp3 is my everyday ringtone.
BlackRX.mp3 is my daily alarm ringtone.

The thing that woke me up every morning is the sound of "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!....." :laugh:


I use one of the default ringers... that goes, ring ring ring... Officially called Tone 6. :laugh:

Really, the main thing I wanted on it was something from Stargate SG-1, I just haven't figured out what format my phone supports.
NAND NOR, are those ringtones of yours in MP3 format? If so, any chance of uploading them especially the Faiz ringtone [which I take it is the same as the one that's used on the actual phone] and the Full Force chorus...


I have all kinds of stuff. I have Fergi Glamorous (thanks to her I can spell that word now too, but its catchy), I have Blue Danube and the Arabian Dance from Nutcracker. I have Royskopp's Remind Me (for those who don't know, its the catchy tune in the background of the Geico Caveman ad where he's in the airport) and Chemical Brothers Let Forever Be.

Games, I am addicted to Sims 2 right now, and I have Diner Dash. I did have Prince of Persia Warrior within, but I beat that game in like 2 days so I just deleted it.


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Ever since I got my current phone, all of my ringtones have been JPop or JRock songs. I just edit them using Audacity then transfer them over. Currently I've got the chorus to LU LU LU by GAM (i.e. the girls in my current avatar).

For voicemail/text message alerts I got a little creative. :anime: I took two file and put them together. The first has a Japanese girls saying "Oh ****" in English, and the second one has another Japanese girl saying "Mail is waiting" in Japanese. :laugh:

I also use my phone as my alarm in the morning, for that I use the chorus of the song "Matsuken Samba II". When you hear it over and over again it's just so annoying it forces you to get up to shut the damn thing off. :laugh:


My ring tones are pretty much as follows

Generic ring – Faiz ringtone
Best friend/Nemesis ring – kaixa tone
Alarm – Todoroki’s extended guitar solo
Misc rings include the following
Justirisers Instrumental op
Ryukendo Instrumental op
Random Hibiki music
Random Kamen SEs


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I'ma bump for the faiz ringer... I've only got the main faiz theme, not the ringer from the phone. It would be great for my collection.


I'm at the office now, but if no one else has doen them by the time i get home tonight, I'll grab them off the cd for whoeever

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