Jan 11, 2015
Im into Japanese police and
Detective dramas

I have Galileo. The Negotiator.
Looking for some new ones to watch.
Like the mystery theater

Can anyone recommend some

Thanks. Chris
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Mar 16, 2006
what sort of police/detective drama do you prefer? comedic? serious? a bit of both? I've mostly watched ones where it's a female lead, such as BOSS (Amami Yuki), SPEC (Toda Erika), LADY ~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ (Kitagawa Keiko) and Strawberry Night (Takeuchi Yuko). if you prefer male leads... Shinzanmono (Abe Hiroshi), perhaps? I'd recommend Hanchou (Sasaki Kuranosuke) too, but if only this series wasn't so hard to find. there's a total of six seasons for it. I haven't been watching that many police/detective dramas lately, at least not a series, but those one off SP dramas instead. so I apologize if none of these interest you.
Apr 13, 2011
If you liked Galileo I'd definitely recommend Shinzanmono. A bit different in themes, but adapted from the works of the same writer. The SPEC series is fine, but it goes Super Saiyan in the movies.

For great action, I'd add SP (Junichi Okada) and Lucky Seven (Eita/Jun Matsumoto). I also liked Bitter Blood (Takeru Sato). A bit different, but practically the same genre is Hero (2001, with Takuya Kimura). ST (Tatsuya Fujiwara) is also good. Tokyo Dogs for a bit humor and Hiro Mizushima/Shun Oguri/Yuriko Yoshitaka. For a bit of old school Odoru Daisousasen/Bayside Shakedown.

If you're fine with all-out craziness with nice scientific mysteries I'd also definitely go for the Trick series. All three seasons and four movies and 2 SPs.
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Dec 24, 2014

I only watch a few minutes of it but it looks good and is pretty popular. There's also a few familiar Toku actors in it.
Oct 29, 2013
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo
Mr Brain

are the most epic detective dramas I've watched (including Galileo which I've watched too).

Kindaichi has 4 seasons, is on a serious tone, but doesn't have much "police" in it. It focuses on logical thinking to solve mysteries.

Trick also has 3 seasons and many movies, is a comedic series with 2 policemen as side main characters, but they only serve comedic purposes. It focuses on logical thinking and scientific stuffs (scientific explanations which can make you go "wow, I didn't know that").

Mr Brain only has 1 season, but is both police and detective. It's on a serious tone and is mainly police themed, although it really happens in the "science department" of the police. It's very science focused.
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Sep 13, 2006
SPEC(2010 drama starring Toda Erika and Kase Ryo)
This drama has some science-fiction/fantasy elements in the form of psychic powers called 'specs'. The main characters belong to a special police division where they investigate cases which involve specs.
Besides the drama, there have been 2 specials and 3 movies.

Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de(2011 starring Sakurai Sho and Kitagawa Keiko).
A rich heiress, Hosho Reiko, hides her wealthy status and works as a detective. Her butler, Kageyama, helps her solve cases(and has a very sharp tongue towards her). It is somewhat comedic in tone.

Kindaiichi Shonen no Jikenbo
is about a high school boy named Kindaiichi Hajime, who solves crimes together with a group of friends.
There are several seasons with different casts. The latest one is "Kindaiichi Shonen no Jikenbo N"(2014) starring Yamada Ryosuke.