It may not be a strictly action anime film, but the pedigree behind the adaption of Monthly Afternoon magazine’s seinen manga Bokura no Yoake boasts an impressive resume of action anime hits! Break Of Dawn is heading to Japanese theatres in October, and it’s sure to be an astronomical story. The story begins on a future Earth, where it has been discovered that the Earth is on an unavoidable collision course with a comet. When a boy named Yuma, a boy obsessed with space, robotics and the comet, has an encounter with an alien life form, how will his life change?
Tomoyuki Kurokawa (Psychic Detective Yakumo) is directing at Zero-G. Eureka Seven’s script supervisor and contributing writer to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Cowboy Bebop, Dai Sato, wrote the screen play. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans composer Masaru Yokohama is the attached composer...

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I am so stoked that a Break of Dawn (Bokura no Yoake, or Our Dawn) anime movie adaptation has been confirmed with an early Fall 2022 Japanese release date excites me. I am delighted by the news that a trailer and a teaser image were also made public. There is already a trailer and it is a delight to watch.


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The obligatory Lady Gaga meme should be used to describe this movie trailer:



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Wow this looks great. If anime studios keeps making movies like this, they could kick the butt of Pixar. The flopping of Buzz Lightyear proof Pixar is not that strong as it use to be. Anime studios should take advantage of the culture war going on in the US.
My gut tells me that this won't be able to beat the box office totals of Spirited Away, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, or Dragon Ball Superhero. It has a hidden potential (More emphasis on hidden), but it will only appeal to a limited subset of the Anime community. I don't think this will be able to smash any box office records when it comes out. I mean no offense, but I'm just being honest here.