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High Octane Pictures is bringing Blood Bags to digital and disc next month, a film they describe as “a modern take on classic Italian horror cinema.”
No matter who they are, everyone needs a reason to venture inside a creepy abandoned mansion. Some are less realistic than others. In this case, they came up with a fairly plausible one: the two girls that venture inside are photographers, and they love taking pictures of urban decay. Plenty of these people exist in real life, so if there ever actually was a murderous ghost or a bloodthirsty psycho living inside a rotted manor, these would be their victims.
Anyway, now they’re inside and they’re getting chased and they’re screaming. Based on one brief shot in the trailer, the girls’ blood seems to be literally what they’re after, which they actually want to drain into medical bags — though for what purpose, we don’t know.
Blood Bags stars Makenna Guyler, Emanuele Turetta, and Marta Tananyan, and was directed by Emiliano Ranzani. Look...
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