Blood Curse: A Tribute To Castlevania 3

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<p>Whether you’ve played Castlevania 3 or not, it continues to be one of the most influential and iconic installments in the series. Subtitled Dracula’s Curse, it firmly established the lore by revealing the origin of the Belmont family’s crusade against Dracula, and it introduced important characters like Alucard for the first time. It was Castlevania 3 that Netflix adapted into a four-season anime.</p>


Mi Ultimo Adios
If this game succeeds, I wonder if Konami will be inspired to revive the franchise. Konami just announce revival or Silent Hill and before Silent Hill Castlevania was their top game.


We are getting so many Metroidvania on Steam from now. I wonder if this game can compete with them.


This video game features elements from Blasphemous, Bloodborne, Metroid, Castlevania, and possibly even some gameplay elements from Souls; I want to play it! In the meantime that I'm putting money away for some kaching kaching, I've been adding a lot of things to my wish list on Steam.

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