Blood, A Film that will make you want to have Rabies shots

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I have an Uncle who got Bit by a dog when he was 15 and he decided not to get vaccinated. The Rabies stayed dormant on his body and it killed him 25 years later after that because the rabies woke up.


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Despite the premise, I do not believe this film is about rabies. The dog's bite caused the Boy to transform into a vampire. Vampires have lost their appeal for me because of trash films like Twilight, but this one looks like it should not be missed. Finally, vampires are once again frightening.


This looks fascinating and I am already excited about this movie and would love to watch it the day it will be available at my location.


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My stomach is too weak to watch this. I have a feeling she will end up having a dead son. I hate it when kids die in movies.

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