Avatar: Way of Water surpassed $2.024 Billion in the box office!

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<p>When a Movie makes a Billion dollars in the box office, It is usually considered a success. However, in the case of Avatar: Way of Water it will be considered a bomb. James Cameron said in an interview that the movie needs to make $2. to break even. This movie took 13 years to make and the budget and marketing is pass $250, not including marketing. Also movie producers have to split some earnings to Theater owners. So Imagine all the pressure people behind this movie had been through.</p>
Has a chance of surpassing Titanic. The film was a hit because it delivers what people long for: a sense of family, love, full of emotion, uplifting, strength, and a link between society and individuals. It will then go on to surpass both "Infinity War" and "The Force Awakens" A conventional, content nuclear family with a supportive father was depicted in this film.


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Haters are now laughing stock

Months before release, I saw a lot of haters wanting this movie to flop.


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If Avatar 2 doesn't make at least three billion dollars, I'll be upset. The quality of this movie was an upgrade over the first one. To be honest, this movie made a big impact on me. I never really got into the first movie because it came out when I was just five years old, but this one truly helped me respect Pandora and the people who live there. beautiful tale and pictures on the computer.


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I went to the theater to see this movie earlier today. Furthermore, I don't believe I could have done it any other way! What a fantastic movie it ended up becoming. The cinematography and the visual effects were both very beautiful. I'm totally stunned! The conclusion, though, was very distressing. I was sobbing uncontrollably. This film is a great gem; it successfully balances tension and emotion. The entire cast and crew deserve a huge round of thanks for making this possible. The release of Avatar 3 excites me greatly.

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James Cameron is the first director in history to exceed the $2 billion barrier three times, therefore you should never wager against him. He keeps making movies that get better and better. It merits $2 billion in revenue. great achievement James Cameron and the Avatar crew deserve our congratulations! All I can say is that it is incredibly amazing and elicits even more emotions than the original movie did after having just seen it once. James Cameron is a really intelligent person. Despite the fact that some of it made me cry uncontrollably, overall, it was amazing. I would advise everyone to read it, but science fiction and fantasy aficionados in particular. Even if this is the only aspect of the collegian that I find repulsive, I detest the idea that he lived. The forthcoming episodes of this series have me very interested.


The film expertly depicted and imagined unbelievable occurrences. Even if the plot was somewhat lengthy, the film was nevertheless suitable for a family audience. Millennials were still in their teens when the first episode of Avatar aired, but the vast majority of them are now married with children, a predicament with which we can all identify. This was a terrific film that kept my attention throughout, with excellent photography and character development that laid the groundwork for the next three films in the series. This will be the most profitable franchise in the preceding ten years.


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The film sends a strong message about the necessity of environmental protection; Pandora's terrain is magnificent, and the planet's inhabitants are fascinating. Without a question, this is the most incredible experience I've ever had. James Cameroon and his amazing team developed this ground-breaking film.


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Sigourney Weaver is a phenomenal actress because she played the role of a teenage girl believably. She is already a a 73 year old!

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