Avatar: The Way of Water Becomes Viewable At Home March 28

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<p>Avatar: The Way Of Water is now the third highest-grossing movie of all time. Usually, when movies do THAT much business, they become a hot topic of cultural conversation, but….not this time. Way of Water has kind of just existed in the background, vacuuming up zillions of dollars silently, while clips of Michelle Yeoh kicking people around in Everything Everywhere All At Once blankets entertainment websites. That movie generated about one sixty-third of the profits Way of Water did. It’s a different world.</p>


They should have not release it yet in DVD and streaming. It is still doing well in theaters. It made
$2,283,196,259 and it could have made 2.5 million if they don't release it for home version yet.


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The Way of Water is a breathtaking cinematic accomplishment, and I'm thrilled to hear that it will soon be available for home viewing. The additional features seem like they will provide a comprehensive look at the astounding effort that went into constructing this world.I comprehend why some individuals might have chosen not to view this movie in cinemas due to its duration, but I believe it's worth the time investment. The immersive sensation of being transported to the world of Pandora is genuinely incomparable.As someone who was blown away by the first Avatar movie, I've been eagerly anticipating The Way of Water. I'm thrilled to witness how James Cameron and his team have continued to push the limits of what's achievable in filmmaking.


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This movie is highly recommended! I love how it promotes a close knit family! It inspired families to be united during hard times


"I'm here in a state of happiness and shock. I've already seen Avatar twice and I can't stop thinking about going for a third time. The 3D effects are incredible and I feel my baby's heartbeat syncing with every emotion of this story that reminds me of the deepest aspects of myself and my life's mission. It's amazing to think that even before the movies, Avatar has had such a profound impact on me. I've heard rumors about Avatar 3; I wonder if they're true? James Cameron has once again managed to surprise the entire world with his groundbreaking vision."


Avatar 2 was freakin' spectacular! I mean, I had crazy high expectations, 'cause it's been 13 years since the first one, but it totally lived up to the hype and then some. It's hands-down my favorite movie - the message is just so emotional and spiritual, man. And let me tell you, watching it in 3D is a mind-blowing experience - I've seen it twice already! You can tell that a ton of hard work went into this, bro. And get this - I'm stoked to hear that more movies are in the works. Can't wait!


So, I watched Avatar and it's like...okay. I mean, visually, it's mind-blowing, but dude, it's long as hell. They could have cut some of it and still been amazing, you know? And the plot? Weak sauce, bro. It's just a bunch of mercenaries trying to take down this dude Jake Sully, who's basically a thorn in their side. Oh, and in the meantime, they kill some whales because, you know, money talks. The Na'vi are supposed to be these otherworldly beings, but honestly, they're like humans with tails. They have the same old boring family problems - whiny kids, disobedient teenagers, bullying, blah, blah, blah. It's all so predictable. Honestly, if a planet like Pandora exists, I hope we never come across it. I'd rather watch paint dry than sit through that again.


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Absolutely stunning! What a marvelous and majestic work of art! Free of any absurd impositions or sick ideologies, it's more than just a great movie; it's a warm embrace of life, the true meaning of family, tradition, culture, brotherhood, and our connection with the infinite whole... It paints in our minds what we are, more than just a body and a single life, but a part of an immeasurable universe.
This film is an ocean of visual gold, a beautiful legacy that will live on in the human mind until the end of time.

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I am a blu-ray collector and I want a Physical copy months after I watched it in theaters. This is the best movie I have ever seen. It made me feel emotional throughout the whole thing. It's a bit over 3 hours long, but I loved it. I left the theater feeling really excited and I can't wait to see it again. I recommend watching it in 3D hdr if possible, because it adds depth and makes the experience even better. The picture quality is incredibly good. This is just my personal opinion, but I really liked it and was surprised. I highly recommend watching it, but make sure you watch the first movie first.

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Cameron should pursue something else; I have no interest in the Avatar universe at all. It will be a while before we see anything new from him because he has a number of sequels set in motion. However, I didn't find the first movie to be impressive despite its use of CGI. The majority of people were impressed. They'll have to focus on other areas because this time it won't be sufficient. The film's script doesn't seem to be particularly surprising to me.


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I cannot wait for the 3rd movie. I am definitely going to binge the 1st to films at Disney Plus.

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